Tuesday Tour: 1canoe2 Office Tour

One canoe, two girls. The name 1canoe2 comes from years of dreaming up big ideas around a campfire and floating down a spring-fed Missouri river in a canoe.  That’s where childhood friends, Carrie and Beth, came up with the name for their letterpress company. They are now all grown up and professionally illustrating, designing and printing beautiful cards, calendars, art prints and so much more. Their fabulous products can be found online and in thousands of stores worldwide. They run it all from a two story barn, in the middle of a huge cornfield, that they converted into an open office. The barn has been in the Shryock family for generations. How cool is that? We love that Beth, Carrie, & Karen went for their dreams and are having so much success right here in our backyard of the Midwest.  They agreed to let us come out and snap a few pictures to share with you! Enjoy the tour!

** 1canoe2-barn-turned-office-farmhouse.jpg **



** 1canoe2-stairs-office-tour.jpg **



** 1canoe2-tour.jpg **



** 1canoe2-products.jpg **



** 1canoe2-office-tour-open-area.jpg **



** 1canoe2-tour-office.jpg **



** 1canoe2-office-tour-mint-chair.jpg **



** 1canoe2-office-tour-workspace-labels.jpg **



** 1canoe2-tour-office-shelves.jpg **



** 1canoe2-tour-office-workspace.jpg **



** 1canoe2-tour-calendar.jpg **



** 1canoe2-tour-bulletin-board.jpg **



** 1canoe2-office-tour-shryocks.jpg **



** 1canoe2-barn-turned-office.jpg **


Thanks to everyone at 1canoe2 for letting us come out and tour your fun workspace!  We are in love with everything you did with it!

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Photographer: Morgan McCarty

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