The Easiest Tree Garland Ever


If you follow me on Instagram (scoutandnimble), then you saw that I bit the bullet and started decorating for Christmas.  Yes, yes, yes, I know this week is Thanksgiving and technically it is still Fall (which just so happens to be MY favorite time of the year), but I just couldn’t help myself.  And what’s weird is I have always been a day after Thanksgiving Christmas decorator.  Never ever (well, until now) before Thanksgiving!?! I don’t know if it’s the fact that we have young kids or the fact that I blog or the fact that it is 17 degrees outside, I just felt like getting it done.  And well, I wanted to share how you can DIY the Easiest Tree Garland Ever…in case, you know, you got bit by the Christmas bug, too and were decorating early.


Now, don’t you worry…this is not my finished tree.  I really did contemplate putting this picture out there as the tree garland looks somewhat strange, but I promise you, once you add in your ornaments and any other fun objects whether it be beads, tinsel, or flowers, it makes the tree look incredible.  Trust me. I would not lie to you. I would love to show you the finished tree, but you will have to wait just a bit longer. My full Christmas home tour with all our decorations will be up & live December 9th for the Christmas Edition of Blogger Stylin’ Homes so be sure to check back then!  So, onto the tutorial. You ready? It’s super easy and kind of life-changing…

First, get yourself two of these grapevine wreaths available at any craft store (if you have a large tree, you might want to grab 3)


Then, remove the larger curly vine that holds the wreath together.  If you cannot find the starting/stopping point, just cut it off with some scissors.


You now have this lil guy and these


Use them in flowers, spray paint em, do whatever you want with them…you don’t need them anymore for the garland.


Then, hold your wreath up between your hands and start to pull it apart. **This is messy so do this step outside**


As it starts being pulled apart, you will start to see the spiral happen and the garland taking shape.


Just keep pulling, just keep pulling, just keep pulling…(can you tell I have young children?)


You can see it now, right?   Take your deconstructed wreath and starting at the top of the tree, just start wrapping it around until you get to the base.  I used 2 on my tree and when I got to the end of one deconstructed wreath, I just kind of tucked it into the inside area of the tree and started the beginning of my second “wreath” right at the same point.


***Add the garland before adding anything else to your tree…the only thing you should have done to your tree is #1 fluff it a bit (obviously I am talking about fake ones here) and #2 string and check the lights***  It will look messy and that’s just fine. You might have some odd pieces of the vine that shoot off in a weird direction and feel free to try to shape them a bit or cut em off if it makes you feel better. Just kind of go with it.  Then, the next step is just taking the vines and just pulling them apart and spreading them out along the tree.


Super easy, right?  And if you feel like any areas are thinner than you like, just go back and add more vines.


It will look messy and probably not all that great at this point, but this vine does add so much texture and volume to your tree.  Add in your ornaments and other tree decor items and I promise you will love it & it will be your go-to garland forever. It’s perfect for the “rustic & natural” Christmas decor, but you could spray paint the vines white or gold and instantly take it up a few notches on the glam scale.  All for under $5-$10.


The lights make it look even better.  Ok, so tell me have you started decorating yet???  I know I am not the only one.


Jesse BodineDIY, Holiday