The Easiest & Fastest Way to Sew a Zippered Pillow Cover

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All of you who get the heebie jeebies when you talk about sewing and sewing zippers…this is a tutorial for you.  I promise it will be the easiest way you will ever sew a zipper into a pillow cover.  I promise.   I even timed myself just to prove it to all of you who think they might be at their sewing machine for hours…

And here was my attempt to get a beauty shot…

The shot got photo bombed by these boys…

But they sure are cute…

Ok, so do you want to entertain the idea of sewing zippers?  Just look at how easy this is…

First, you will start with the two cut outs for the front and back of your pillow.

I had a 20×20 pillow form and I like my covers to fit tight so I cut my fabric to the same size as the form, 20×20.  If you want to give yourself some wiggle room, you could add an inch to all sides and have to 21×21 squares.  Or if you are using a 18×18 pillow form, cut two 19×19 squares.

Place right sides together (going the same direction if you have a pattern) and line up the corners.

Then, sew straight down one of the sides sewing the two fabrics together. (I used a 1/2 inch inseam).

Press this seam open.

Then, take your zipper, I used a 30 inch invisible zipper, but, ideally you want to use a zipper that is the same length as one of your sides and place it right side down making sure to line up the teeth of the zipper to the seam you just sewed.  Pin in place.

If you are using a zipper that is smaller in length than one of the sides, then make sure it is placed in the center of the edge so your zipper isn’t off center.  Using a zipper foot, sew as close to the teeth as possible on either side stopping just inside the end of beginning and end of the zipper.

I marked my endpoint with a pin and stopped just before it on both sides. Since my zipper was longer than one of my pillow sides, I simply just cut off the tail making sure to cut after my sewing endpoint.

Then, flip it over and start clipping the thread carefully to reveal your zipper. See my lines aren’t even straight…you can so do this.  I used white thread so it would be easier for you to see.  In most cases, you will want to use coordinating matching thread.



Once you have the zipper cleared, open it up by unzipping the zipper and place the right sides of your fabric back together making sure to line up the corners.

Pin in place and starting at one end of the zipper, sew around the remaining 3 edges, but not the zippered edge.  Again, I used a 1/2 inch inseam and backstitched at the beginning and end.

Then, clip the corners and turn your pillow right side out!


Iron it if you must, but you have just sewed a zippered pillow cover.

Stuff that pillow form in and you are done!

10 minutes and 25 seconds.  Seriously…easiest ever.  Now dust off those sewing machines and start making some gorgeous pillows!  😉

Did you notice I finished my upholstered headboard…we are STILL working on our master bedroom makeover.  I’ll share more on that this week with a tutorial!  It is the same bed as before.  Have a great Tuesday everybody!

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