Snapchat Tutorial for Users and Brands

If there is one thing that makes us feel old fast, it’s Snapchat. But, we don’t shy away from new things so we are on a mission to understand it, find out why everyone is raving about it and make it a fun place for a look at some of our behind the scene shenanigans here at S&N. One of our fabulous interns is a whiz and agreed to fill us in on this app and how it can be powerful to designers, bloggers, business and frankly, anyone.

1. Why Snapchat? What’s different about it compared to other favorites like Instagram and Twitter?

Snapchat is unique because it actually requires interaction between the consumer and the brand. The consumer has to physically press the screen in order to see what is being posted. Unlike Twitter or Instagram where a consumer can just scroll past your posts without even looking. It’s also just a fun way to communicate when texting gets old. It’s basically texting with pictures.

2. As a consumer, why do you like it?

 Snapchat is a fun way to interact with brands and businesses. Consumers can see behind the scenes, get exclusive deals, and even send the company snaps!

3. Brands and businesses are flocking to this platform. Why do you think this is happening and how do you think brands can use this platform to their advantage?

Snapchat has over 100 million monthly users and according to ComScore, 71 percent of Snapchat’s American users are between the ages of 18 and 34. Brands and businesses are trying to reach this younger demographic and they believe snapchat will do the trick.

4. What do you think this will do for brands?

 I do think this will help brands reach a younger audience. Snapchat is a lot of my friends favorite social platform. It’s a lot more personal than other social media platforms, and to add a brand or company, a person would actually have to search for them, which means they’re actually interested in the content being delivered through snapchat. A lot of advertising is just there and people don’t want to see it, so I think this will help brands actually engage with consumers in a positive way. Another thing snapchat is doing for brands is adding advertisements in the “live” stories.

5. Walk us through a couple distinct functions of snapchat. What do you do on here? 

There are two different ways to share pictures or videos on snapchat. You can either take a picture and share it with just a few friends, and it will disappear after they open it or you can save it to your story for all of your snapchat friends to see for a 24 hour time slot before it disappears.

6. How do you find friends and add them?

 To add friends, press the little white ghost at the top of your screen, and then press “Add Friends.” You can then add friends from your phonebook or search them by their username. You can’t just search for new people, you either have to have them in your phonebook or know their username. However, Snapchat just added a new feature where you can find nearby Snapchatters by turning on your location services. Another way to add friends is to snap a picture of their ghosts QR code.

** snapghost-577x1024.jpg **

** snapchataddfriends-576x1024.jpg **

** snapchatfriends-577x1024.png **


** snapchatqrcode-576x1024.jpg **

7. How do you discover new friends or like minded people/brands?

It’s a lot harder to discover people on snapchat than it is on twitter or instagram. A lot of people/brands put their snapchat username on their instagram page. Otherwise you can add people through your contacts on your phone or if you are in the same location as them.

8. How do you watch snaps from your friends or people you follow?

To watch a snap from a friend, swipe your screen right and press on your new snap. A solid red square means it’s a photo, a solid purple square means it’s a video, and a solid blue square means it’s text. To watch your friends snapchat stories, swipe your screen to the left and press on the story you want to watch. New stories will be under recent posts and stories you’ve already watched will show up in alphabetical order based on the persons username.

9. How long is your snap available for?  Then, where does it go?

 A snap to a friend can last up to 10 seconds and disappears immediately after. A snap can be replayed once and snapchat will notify you if your snap has been replayed or if someone has taken a screen shot. If you post a photo to your snap story, it will last 24 hours before disappearing.

10. Are links allowed? 

Links are not clickable through snapchat.

11. How do you post? What options are available to you?

 To post, simply take a picture or video through the main screen and then press the arrow at the bottom right corner of your screen to send it. You can either send it to a specific person or specific people, or you can add it to your story so all of your friends can see.

12. How do you add text to the video or pictures?

 To add text, click on the large “T” in the top right corner of the screen and your keyboard will pop up. If you click it again after adding text, it will enlarge the text and you can then move it around the screen and scale it with your fingers. If you click the pencil on the top right of the screen, you can draw on your photo.

** image1-577x1024.jpg **


** ws-577x1024.jpg **


** a-577x1024.jpg **


** j-577x1024.jpg **

13. What do you snap about? Is there any rhyme or reason to this?

 You can snap anything you’d like! I typically snap selfies or videos of my friends doing wacky things. Scout & Nimble will mostly be snapping home decor, furniture, behind the scenes and fun contests!

14. What value do you think Snapchat adds for people who use it?

I think it’s just a more interesting and fun way to communicate with friends and check out what they’re doing. You actually get to see it for your self instead of just reading it.

15. Is there any engagement factor here? Can you comment or like snaps? If not, do you think that is why so many people like it…because the pressure is off to get likes/followers?

You can’t comment or like snaps. Engagement comes from people snapping you back, replaying your snap, or taking a screen shot of your snap. A person can reply with text if they’d like, but usually the engagement is just someone watching your snap.

16. Let’s talk private snaps. Is this just like texting but easier for groups to share? I know this app/platform is popular in the younger generation and I know to some parents out there, there is a negative connotation associated with pictures or videos disappearing…that people will be sending riskier stuff. Do you find this to be true or how would you respond to these parent’s concerns? 

Private snaps are just like texting except with selfies or whatever the picture is of. It’s just more fun to communicate with pictures. About the negative connotation that is associated with snapchat… I’m sure that there are people who use snapchat to send riskier stuff since the picture does disappear, that being said, none of my friends use it in that way. We all use it to just share photos and videos and communicate with one another. I believe that people who send riskier stuff would also send that stuff over texting or FaceTime, etc. It’s still dangerous to send riskier stuff because the photo can still be screen shotted and saved.