Small Spaces & The Murphy Bed

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Did you all see the compact and stunning home of Mad Men’s Vincent Kartheiser? I mean. Talk about using every single inch of that 580 square foot space.  


** Vincent-Kartheiser-small-space-living-e1382927827366.jpg **


For being a smaller home, there is just so much to look at.  I really love the vertical garden outside the front doors.


** small-space-vertical-garden-e1382927870565.jpg **


And the patio is pretty spectacular, too.


** outdoor-patio-e1382927945608.jpg **


I was amazed that they were able to get a shower and soaking tub in this small yet functional bathroom.


** small-spaces-bathroom-interior-e1382927847699.jpg **


But, the thing that really caught my eye was this pulley bed.


** small-space-bedroom-e1382927926708.jpg **


all images above via Dwell

Isn’t that awesome?  I’m telling you, you have to go check out the rest of the images.  It is pretty incredible.  And all of this got me thinking about how so many people today are creating rooms that are multi-functional.  We want to maximize the space in our homes and make it function for us, our family and our lives.  But, here’s the challenge…how do you create the multi-functional room when you are short on space?  The answer might just be a Murphy bed or hovering bed like the one above.  Need a guest room and office, but only have one small room?  Not a problem.  Here’s your office.


** Spacious-office-day-with-twin-murphy-beds.jpg **


And here’s your guest room.


** Twin-Murphy-bunk-beds-in-office.jpg **


Caden Design Group

I like this option, too.  Office during the day.


** murphy-bed-in-office.jpg **


And bedroom at night.


** home-office-with-hidden-murphy-bed.jpg **


EMI Interior Design

Even if you don’t have an extra room, you could do the same in your living room.


** Murphy-bed-wall-unit-with-an-in-built-TV.jpg **


I would never think that there was a bed hidden in this room, but the doors slide open and there she is.


** hidden-bed-murphy-bed-in-living-room.jpg **


Crisp Architects via Houzz

They also make horizontal murphy beds, too.


** hidden-murphy-pullout-bed-in-living-room-e1382930473498.jpg **




** murphy-bed-pullout-e1382930426443.jpg **


Motivo Interiors

Here is another option with the pulley system similar to Kartheiser’s bed from above.


** twin-Murphy-beds-and-storage-units.jpg **


Radius Architectural Millwork Ltd.

What I liked most is some of the kids’ rooms that I found with Murphy beds.  They really allow you to have the playroom & bedroom all in one.


** Murphy-Bed-wall-unit-provides-ample-storage-space-in-the-kids-bedroom.jpg **


Cary Bernstein Architect via Houzz

My boys’ rooms are tiny.  We cannot even fit two twin beds into them…our only option should they ever want to share a room or are forced to share, would be bunk beds.  The problem with this option, is it leaves no “playing room” for them.  And since, we don’t have a designated playroom, it means they are dragging their toys all over the living room and kitchen.  And there are just times where you need them to play   This option would be so great for us if we should ever decide to bunk them together.


** space-saving-bunk-beds-e1382930396543.jpg **


Casa Kids


** multipurpose-furniture-murphy-bed-girls-room.jpg **


Resource Furniture

The Murphy bed just saves so much space.  And there are so many options to make this type of bed work for you.


** hidden-murphy-bed-functional-living.jpg **


Home Designing

I don’t know anyone who has one in their own home ,so I don’t know how easy it is to make and put the bed away if you are using it as a regular bedroom as opposed to a guest bed.  Any of you have a Murphy bed?  Or know someone that does?  Small space dwellers?  What are your thoughts?