Simple Shoe Storage and Display Solutions

Shoes can be the perfect complement to any outfit, but not so much to your bedroom floor. While having plenty of options is a major perk, the resulting shoe clutter is too often ignored. Your shoes don’t have to be shoved into a closet to tidy up a room, and we think mixing pairs into your decorative routine encourages organization. We put together some of our favorite ideas on how to replace the clutter with shoe storage and displays- from your beloved pumps to your worn-out sneakers, check out a few options below!

Wall Shelves & Racks


** Shoe-Shelves-Cath-in-the-City.jpg **


** Rail-Shoe-Rack-Martha-Stewart.jpg **


Shelves aren’t just for placing decorative trinkets, and the wall isn’t only meant for family photos. Dedicate an open wall in your room to hang or place your shoes in a unique, stylish way. Not an expert at hanging shelves yet? No worries! Check out our Must Have Toolkit post for tools you need to hang a shelf for under $10.



** Bookcase-Makeover-Caitlin-Wilson.jpg **



** Low-Profile-Shelf-Scout-and-Nimble1.png **


Low Profile Shelf

Books give us a deep look inside the lives of other characters, and shoes can do the same for you. Give friends and visitors a peek into your life by refurbishing a bookcase for shoe storage.

Stairs & Steps


** Heels-on-Staircase-Studio55.jpg **



** Ladders-and-Shoes-Pottery-Barn4.jpg **


Step it up a level and display your shoes on an open staircase. If you’re into the layering look here, rustic or antique ladders are another fun way to add some of your classiest heels to the layout.


** Staircase-Drawers-Henarise-Pty-Ltd.jpg **


While staircase storage doesn’t double as a shoe display, we still think it’s a fun twist on interior design. Plus, it’s another way to save room and make use of what’s available.

Replace the clutter!


** Shoe-Clutter-Collector-Care-e1443557471164.jpg **


Shoe storage and organization doesn’t have to be a cumbersome process. Avoid packing shoes into tight, locked away spaces and think instead where you can show some off.

Do you have any shoe storage or display tips? Tell us about your discoveries or innovative projects below!


Featured Image: Katherine Power via The Coveteur

Photo Credits: Cath in the CityMartha StewartCaitlin WilsonStudio55Pottery BarnHenarise Pty LtdCollector Care

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