Sausalito Home Tour

In 2004, Stephanie Marsh Fillbrandt founded Marsh & Clark Design under the philosophy of relaxed sophistication. This Tuesday, we are going on MCD’s Sausalito Home Tour. The stunningly engineered single family home actually used to be a the Star of the Sea Church. Marsh and Clark Design did not lose sight of the architectural gift of the building with high ceilings and open windows and the new renovation creates an extraordinary atmosphere that is just as inviting as it is high fashion. The simple elegance of the design makes it the perfect family home. Plus with that San Fransisco Bay Area view, it really can’t get much better.


** SausalitoHome_AerialShot_SN.jpg **



** SausalitoHome_DiningRoom_SN.jpg **



** Wine-Room-Marsh-Clark.jpg **



** SausalitoHome_KitchenDining_SN.jpg **



** Dark-Kitchen-Cabinets-White-Kitchen.jpg **



** SausalitoHome_WoodKitchen_SN-726x1024.jpg **



** SausalitoHome_BreakfastinBed_SN.jpg **



** Beach-House-Bedroom-Marsh-Clark.jpg **



** White-Bath-Freestanding-Tub-Marsh-Clark.jpg **



** SausalitoHome_PianoView_SN.jpg **



** SausalitoHome_PocketNook_SN.jpg **



** SausalitoHome_BackView_SN.jpg **


Wondering how you can get the look in your own home? Here are our 5 takeaways that we think could match the clean charm from this beautiful home tour.

  1. White Walls – White walls are the easiest way to brighten up your home. They can make a space feel larger and look crisp. They also provide a great background for art.
  2. Dark Trim – Dark trim creates contrast against your light walls. They add drama and sophistication in a simple way. Painting the trim dark also makes beautiful architectural elements a showstopper.
  3. Endless Windows – Whether you’re in beautiful Sausalito or not, adding windows is a great way to bring in an abundance of light into your space.  A break taking view is always a plus, too.
  4. Subtle Greenery – Bringing the outdoors in with plants instantly adds life to a space. They can add height, color, and sculptural dimension to a room or corner and those of you with black thumbs, don’t despair. There are plenty of plants out there that are low maintanance if your thumb is not the greenest!
  5. Continuous Color Palette – Marsh and Clark chose a color theme and stayed true to it. They used a neutral backdrop throughout the home and added pops of color in each room for interest. The understated colors are used in every room of the home to create a unified look.

Photo Sources: Marsh and Clark