Portfolio Project: Living Room Makeover

For this week’s portfolio project, we wanted to feature a room makeover that we did for a client living in a beautiful historic home. This home’s floor plan has a lot of separate rooms and thus lots of amazing space to work with. The owners wanted to keep the old architecture of the home, but wanted the formal living room area to have a fresher, updated feel. Unfortunately, the “before” photos were lost when my computer crashed. Of course, I did not back up those photos, which is sad because the transformation was a dramatic one. I do have one photo that at least shows the “before” color on the wall so you can have an idea of the before.


** before-client-pic-living-room-makeover.jpg **


My clients wanted a multi-purpose sitting room to be used for intimate conversations with guests, as well as relaxing on their own. They were so much fun to work with and were totally open to the ideas I suggested like bringing in a dark blue-gray wall color, graphic curtains and plenty of mixed metals.


** living-room-green-dark-walls-moody-white-chair-gold-mirror-rug-plants-greenery-e1456504995901.jpg **


The walls were painted with a beautiful color by Benjamin Moore called Temptation. It is a gorgeous muddy hue with just the right amount of blue and gray in it to go with both browns and grays.


** living-room-chairs-fireplace-green-walls-desk-coffee-table-glass-e1456505082642.jpg **



** Fireplace-gold-star-mirror-white-chair-patterned-pillow-green-walls-_edited-1-e1457981056355.jpg **



** white-fireplace-mantle-gold-mirror-books-sculpture-brick-dark-wall-painting-glass-vase-plant-e1456516504826.jpg **


Collectors at heart, the homeowners had several previously-owned pieces they wanted to incorporate into their new space. This gold sunburst mirror was passed down from their grandmother and hung over the fireplace.


** sofa-dark-green-plants-curtains-window-lamp-e1456507061550.jpg **



** side-table-styling-orchid-stone-tray-scout-nimble-e1458064456157.jpeg **



** white-couch-printed-pattern-pillow-fireplace--e1456507114840.jpg **



** mantle-books-sculpture-white-wood-green-wall-gold-mirror-e1456508251914.jpg **


***Out of respect to our clients, we share some, but not all sources.

  Wall Color: Temptation by Benjamin Moore | Warring Iron Coffee Table | Clinton Swivel Chair | Reflections Single Panel Curtain |