Polka dots in Home Decor

Have you all noticed the polka dot craze that is happening in the fashion world?  I know it was on the racks last year, but I couldn’t help but notice as I was back to school shopping with the boys, that it is everywhere for Fall.  Are you a fan?  Polka dot obsessed, if you will?  Of course, my brain instantly goes to how the pattern is being used in home decor.  Go figure.  So here are some options for incorporating these dots in your home if you are digging this trend.

For those of you who are not afraid to be bold.


** black-polka-dot-wallpaper.jpg **



If you are not quite ready to be that brave with the pattern, check out what these next two fabulous ladies did with gold polka dots.  First, is my friend Julia, who applied the dots to her bathroom ceiling.


** gold-mint-stripe-polkadot-bathroom3.jpg **


And here, Megan took a fun spin with it and I love her results.


** gold-polka-dots-wall.jpg **


You can also find this trend in furniture…I think the classic pattern works well on these cushioned stools and will always stand the test of time…not to mention how fab is that white trim.


** polka-dot-furniture.jpg **



Art is another great way to bring in the dot craze, especially if you are not ready to make a big commitment.


** polka-dot-art.jpg **



And what’s better than a DIY version?  Shavonda brought it into her home without spending a ton of money.


** cupcakeart.jpg **


If you are wanting to get on the dot train, but the above options are a bit too daring, check out these fabrics.  There are lots of great options out there to incorporate this fun carefree pattern into your home.


** polkadotcollage.jpg **


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So, will you be embracing this trend or will you leave it in the fashion world?