Pendant Party

Let there be Pendant Party Lights. These versatile lights can be found coexisting with many types of decor, in minimalist living rooms and over the homey kitchen island alike. Pendants cast a subtle cool glow or become conversation pieces in a big way. Find the lighting design we can’t live without below.


** fort-knox-collage.png **


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Hanging pendants at different lengths adds visual interest. Dramatic lights like the Fort Knox Pendant Lamp work in groups — or as a stellar standalone piece.


** austin-nickel-collage.png **



The Hanging Pendant Austin Nickel lights above the kitchen island in this Charleston-area home play off of the stainless steel appliances and fixtures. Don’t be fooled by blending in though: the shape breaks it out of a monochromatic bubble.


** mini-glass-filament-collage.png **



Mixing and matching pendant types keeps things from becoming too uniform. Above, the Glass Filament Mini Pendant over the sink focuses light in that area. The two pendants above the kitchen counter have a similar look — all glass, same hardware — to tie it together.


** janus-globe-collage.png **

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In a longer room that transitions from the kitchen to living areas, glassy lights like the Janus Small Globe Pendant contrast with the classic hardwood floors.