Our 10 Most-Loved Instagram Photos of 2015

As we prepare to ring in 2016, we can’t help but reminisce on a wonderful year coming to an end. Scout & Nimble fans showered us with much support and love, so we uncovered our 10 Most-Loved Instagram photos of 2015 in honor of our design-loving community. Here’s our 2015 countdown:

10. A Cozy Bedroom Nook by Skona Hem

Fans and designers alike raved over the smart use of space. This cozy bedroom nook works as a guest room or as your own abode, and the shiplap gray walls complete the look!


** NUMBER-10-e1451526452341.jpg **


9. Decked-Out Detail by Katie Rosenfeld Design

Every inch of this open floor plan is decked out with details fans loved. The pendant lamps, whitewash pillars, and striking curtains caught the eye of every Instagrammer.


** NUMBER-9-e1451527025171.jpg **


Get this look:


** alsace_5_light_pendant_ScoutandNimble.jpg **


Alsace 5 Light Pendant


** Patricia_Pillow_ScoutandNimble.jpg **


Patricia Pillow

8. Wood + White Kitchen by Anna Braund

This Swiss Coffee kitchen got a lot of double-taps thanks to the rich wood and pure white accents. The stools were a favorite, too!


** NUMBER-8-e1451527402399.jpg **


Get this look:


** bohr_pendant_ScoutandNimble.jpg **


Bohr Pendant

7. Cypress on White Kitchen Design by Alex and Cynthia Rice

Instagrammers could not get enough wood and white kitchens in 2015. This light-filled kitchen design got creative with Cypress wood above the window panes.


** NUMBER-7-e1451527692430.jpg **


6. East Coast Escape by Sandra Cavallo

Sandra Cavallo’s personal home on Cape Cod had Instagrammers commenting non-stop! It’s peaceful atmosphere and rich exterior color took everyone’s breath away.


** NUMBER-6-e1451529004579.jpg **


5. Labor Day Lake-Away by Muskoka Living Interiors

This boat house had fans and designers alike packing their bags in route for the lake! The cozy sitting room nestled next to the dock is perfect for a weekend of relaxation.


** NUMBER-5-e1451529950537.jpg **


Get this look:


** beldon-cushion-dining-arm-chair-red-scout-and-nimble.jpg **


Beldon Cushion Dining Arm Chair

4. Attic Accents by LIFE.STYLE. 

This attic space got ample design attention, and our Instagrammers loved it. The shelves and window seat allow for typical attic storage, but the pillows, wallpaper, and light designs left everyone wow-ed.


** NUMBER-4-e1451529397234.jpg **


Get this look:


** boscoe-bay-pillow-scout-and-nimble.jpg **


Boscoe Bay Pillow

3. Classic Black and Exposed White Brick by Arch Digest

Not only is white and wood a hit in the kitchen but so is exposed brick. This elegant exposed white kitchen with dramatic black accents is sure to turn heads, and the solarium-style window is a must-have!


** NUMBER-3-FINAL-e1451530660797.jpg **


2. Wood Paneled Bathroom by Alexandra Rae Design

If wood accents in the kitchen weren’t enough, this elegant warm bathroom design seals the deal. Fans could not get enough of the wooden wall and neither could we.


** NUMBER-2-e1451534970777.jpg **


  1. Shiplapped Wooden Stairwell by Marka Luna’s Architecture Group

To no surprise, our most-loved Instagram photo of 2015 is an infusion of rich wood accents and pure white color. Much like our other loved photos, these trends made their way through 2015 in various kitchens, bathrooms and now, stairwells. Instagrammers loved the dynamic planked wooden ceiling that contrasted with the white shiplap walls– cheers to a beautiful finale of 2015 interior design!


** NUMBER-1-e1451535454924.jpg **


Get this look:


** Mallory-6-Light-Chandelier-Scout-and-Nimble.jpg **


Mallory 6 Light Chandelier