Oh oh sometimes, I get a good feeling

I get a feeling that I never never never never had before, no no
I get a good feeling, yeah

I have had this song pretty much in my head since the start of the new year.  And the way I am feeling about this upcoming year, I wouldn’t mind if it stayed in my head every day.  There are just so many ideas swirling in this head of mine,  it’s hard not to be excited about making them happen.  And if you don’t know the song, you can check it out here.  I won’t be shocked if you can’t place it just by reading it.  I even sang it for my husband and he had no clue what song it was.  I, obviously, am a super talented singer…

So, did you guys set some new year’s resolutions?  And where have I been with this whole word of the year thing…have people been doing this for a long time and I just wasn’t staying “on top” of things???  I kind of like it though…I typically do not set any resolutions, but this year, well, I felt like it was time to switch things up just a bit.  What sparked this sudden change in attitude, you ask?  Several things, really, but the biggest factor in my decision was realizing that my sweet husband and I don’t make enough time to just go out and be husband and wife as often as we should.   Don’t get me wrong, even though I am a huge homebody…we do go out a lot with the kids and are very social, but note how I said ‘with the kids.’  As much as I love my kiddos and adore being around them, I know it’s so important to not get lost in being mama and dada all the time.  So, Sam and I made a resolution to have a date night once a month…just him and me.  Getting a babysitter and going out with our friends does not count.  And to up the ante even more, we said that the 12 dates had to be things that we have either never done or something out of the normal “date night” routine.  We each wrote 6 ideas down and I must say, we have some pretty incredible dates planned for 2012.  Not only do we think we are super smart, but we are really excited to go out on all these dates…although the hot air balloon ride kind of makes me anxious just thinking about it so that may have to be changed to something like an all day picnic filled with good books, good wine and perfect weather…anything would do really…just preferably something where I can stay on the ground.

Are we the only ones who don’t make enough time as a couple?  Any ideas on great dates that aren’t too far fetched?  We did both write something similar down so we are in need of a backup date.

And off the subject a little here, but doesn’t it feel good to have all the holidays behind us and to be back into the normal swing of things?  I have been incredibly busy on a ton of projects around here and I’m anxious to show you everything so hopefully since things have calmed down a little around here, I can start doing that!  And just because I like me some pics and these were too cute not to share…if I would have known that a fan could make my little Oliver so happy, I would have bought one months ago!!!


** dsc01658ps.jpg **



** dsc01665ps.jpg **



** dsc01652ps.jpg **


So, enough with the random post…here’s hoping 2012 is so great for you that it blows your hair back!  😉  I couldn’t resist…