New Featured Designer: Cristin Bisbee Priest of Simplified Bee

Cristin’s blog, Simplified Bee is chock full of inspiration.  Whether its beautiful interiors, tips for organziation and de-cluttering, or finding the best new products, Cristin covers it all.   She is a wife, mother and interior designer who launched her San Francisco Peninsula based residential design firm in 2009.


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Cristin focuses on creating fresh, beautiful spaces that are functional and family focused.  She aims to design spaces that seamlessly mix styles, layer pattern and incorporate kid-friendly that will stand the test of time.  Her motto?  Homes can be orderly without sacrificing beauty.  We love that.


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We are thrilled to have her on as a Room Designer and she has designed three rooms so you can bring her classic and clean style into your own home.  Here are some of her favorite must have pieces.


** chan-geo-9.jpeg **




** blue-gray-throw.jpeg **





** Henley-Table.jpeg **



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** reflection-single-panel.jpeg **



** paris-chair.jpeg **



** turquoise-cloud-vase.jpeg **


Chan Geo #9 Chandelier
Blue & Gray Throw
Henley Dining Table
Reflection Single Panel
Paris Chair
Turquoise Cloud Vase

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