Needing a cute gift for children? Check this out!

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I meant to post this earlier, so if you like this idea, you better hurry on over to VeryJane!  There you can get $42 worth of paper doll products for the price of $12!  The clock is ticking, (not kidding, you literally have a couple of hours!) and this is such a darling gift for the little munchkins in your life.  Lily & Thistle’s Mini me paper dolls are so stinking sweet and adorable, you will want to play with them!  Hannah does such an amazing job on these and goes over the top with her customer service.  When I bought a girl doll plus the outfit of the month club, I just happened to mention that it was for a little girl’s birthday.  Do you know what she did?  She sent me a birthday outfit for free!!!  Talk about such sincere service and going that extra mile to make someone feel really special.  It has been a LONG while since any store has done something like that for me.  In fact, lately, a couple of stores that I have visited have made me feel quite the opposite.  Not even a smile, really???  I wonder how they stay in business.

Anyways…the little girl we got these for is 3 so I had them laminated at our local copy center and then added squares of adhesive velcro to make outfit changes easy and the dolls and clothes virtually indestructable.


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(Yes, this little doll even has glasses!  You can get them tailored to your child…there are so many options to include like glasses, freckles, different hairstyles and colors, different skin tones, etc…)

No spilled drinks or little mouths can hurt these babies.  If you are getting these for someone older like a tween, here is another great option for easy wardrobe changes.  And since we are on the subject, let me tell you about the GORGEOUS outfits…I wish I had these in my closet!  The details and patterns are simply precious.  Out of all the outfits I got for $12 this was one of my favorites.


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I mean the tights, the gloves, the patterned jacket and the precious hat!  Are you kidding me?  And, believe me, there are plenty to choose from…this was only about half of them.


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Henry had so much fun playing with these while I was getting them all ready.


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He, of course, loved all the sport related outfits and thought it was hilarious to put the witch hat on the basketball player.  I am thinking I may have to order him some…yep, they even have items for boys.


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I ended up sewing a little bag so that the sweet chick we got them for could store them all together and easily bring it with her if she needed to.  (If you have a sewing machine and can sew a straight line, you can do this bag…I promise)


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I meant to post a round up of cute inexpensive gifts for girls and boys and it just completely got away from me…but after I saw Hannah’s deal on Very Jane, I knew I had to pass this along!  Oh, and if you end up purchasing a set, you should check out Hannah’s blog,  where she will sometimes offer up freebies or other specials!

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