More chalk paint goodness

It must of been my lucky day when I walked into a store and saw these beautiful end tables


** dsc07305ps-e1362541140152.jpg **




** dsc07309ps-e1362541189938.jpg **


What??? Not your definition of beautiful??? Well, ignore all the dust and mayhem that is going on with the top of these pieces and look at those beautiful lines, baby! These girls are gorgeous and as soon as I saw them I knew they need some glammin up…I snatched these babies for $4 each. RI-DIC-ULOUS, right? Jesse- 1, furniture store- a big fat 0.

I couldn’t wait to get home and freshen them up with some Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in Paris Grey…which has subtle bluish undertone to it. I wish I would have taken pictures of the process for you…but I was not blogging back then and saw no need to take pics of me with my precious orbital sander…love that guy. He is a miracle worker. So, I will just fill in the blanks for you. I took the hardware off, used Elmer’s Wood Filler where it was needed, sanded the pieces down and wiped em clean.

Now, the beauty of ASCP is there is no need for priming your piece, but the sisters had some water damage and I didn’t want it showing through so I used Kilz Primer. This stuff is pretty heavy-duty. It is an oil based primer that will cover water damage and seal your piece. I took the quick and easy route and grabbed the spray cans. I believe it took a couple of coats and some sanding in between applications. It created a great base for the tables and then the ladies were ready for their make-up and color.

** dsc09358finalps-e1362541592358.jpg **


They each got two coats of ASCP in Paris Grey. Then I gave them a thin coat of Annie Sloan’s Clear Wax which I applied using the ultimate waxing brush. I highly recommend purchasing these brushes if you are planning on getting into this paint. Like how I bolded that. Trust me…fork out the extra lettuce for these brushes. Yes, you heard me right…brushes…as in not one, but two. You will want one for your clear wax and one for the dark. They are well worth the money and will make waxing your piece SO MUCH EASIER. I ordered majority of my supplies from theselovely ladies (who have THE BEST customer service!!!), but there are now ASCP stockists and retailers in almost every state so you can go here to find a shop close to you. After one coat of clear wax, I took some fine sand paper and distressed the edges, corners, and wherever else my little hand went. You can have fun with it and I love how I never know how distressed a piece will get. Sometimes, a light touch is all you need and other times, you can distress a piece so much that your base coat almost shows completely through. It is totally up to you and the piece…whatever floats your boat, rocks your socks, sizzles your bacon…I could go on and on with these sayings…melts your butter, turns you on, blows up your skirt…ok I’ll stop before they get too R rated.

** dsc09356finalps-e1362541480537.jpg **



And let me tell you how beautiful this paint distresses…it doesn’t roll or ball up on you like latex paint…it comes off in the finest of powders and gets baby’s butt smooth. You won’t be able to keep your hands off it…it’s that smooth. Then I topped it with one more thin coat of clear wax which I just so happened to apply with my oh so nice brush. At this point I grabbed a square of an old white t-shirt that I had cut up for cleaning and really rubbed the wax into each piece. I let the wax cure for a day or so and then I was able to gently buff it with a soft cloth to bring out that good ole lustrious finish! It is the most beautiful shine! And you shouldn’t have to rub real hard on this part…if your wax is making your cloth stick give it another day to cure and then buff it out. When I did this piece, I used WAY too much wax and it was SO sticky!!! I let that thing cure for weeks and still could not buff it out. It was one of the times that the tears came a runnin. After a quick phone conversation with Patty at Classic Wall Finishes, I found out that I was using way too much wax. A little wax will go a long way so this is one of those times where less is more. But, no worries, after a little fine sandpaper, I was able to buff that cupboard out and she is perfect now.

** dsc09357finalps-e1362541535215.jpg **



Now, you will read about people doing all sorts of things with this chalk paint. I recommend getting this book or if you have no dough left after you’ve spent it all on your brushes, run up to your local library and check to see if they have it. I tend to follow the instructions in the book and distress my pieces after my first coat of wax. I think it helps to prevent the powder from getting everywhere, however, I have seen on a ton of examples where people have distressed before they waxed. I guess, again, it’s whatever milks your goat…sorry…had to throw one more in there.

And then it was time for these classy ladies to get all dazzled up…I thought some crystal knobs from the Hobs (Hobby Lobby if you don’t follow me) would be the perfect jewelry.


** dsc09355finalps-e1362541380367.jpg **


New end tables for the guest room, less than $15 spent (I already had the Kilz primer, ASCP and wax and the brushes) equals perfection in my book. Money well spent. So.much.better.


** dsc09354finalps-e1362541333196.jpg **