Let’s go fly a kite

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I know everyone experiences times like these.  You know when you get so caught up with day to day life and your focus is solely on just getting through this daythis appointmentthis week.  When you cannot think about the future because you are so focused on trying to tackle this one hurdle ahead of you.  And then it happens.  Something big.  Something that reminds you that life is so so precious.  Something that causes your world to shift.  Something that puts everything back into perspective.


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It’s been one of those times for me.  The past several weeks I have been praying for such dear friends, for such dear friends’ babies and other children around the world…all of it has forced me to once again ask that looming unanswered question…Why?  


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So tonight, I just wanted to hug my babies and accomplish nothing more than capturing their sweet smiles.


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Sam had bought the boys kites over the weekend and it was perfectly windy enough tonight for us to just go and fly a kite.  It was just what was needed.


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I don’t know, it might just be me, but it seems like that time of year that the hustle starts to pick up again…summer’s winding down, school is about to start, parents are trying to get everything organized to get families back into a good routine.  With all of that going on, it’s easy to let the days consume you and, well, I guess I’m hoping that you are able to take some time to let all of it fall by the wayside and just “go fly a kite”…


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