Holy Hairbows

No, I am not saying these hairbows are holy…I’m saying it more like Holy Cow Batman!  Look at all these hairbows!  

** dsc00966ps.jpg **



** dsc00970ps.jpg **


I knew that I wanted to make the girls at Rainbow House some really special hairbows as part of my Blogging to Better series.


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To read more about Blogging to Better or to get involved, please click here.  For this edition, I am trying to help Rainbow house here in Columbia accumulate bottles, binkys and bows.  When I called, they had mentioned that those were some items that they were in desperate need of.  So, this gave me the perfect opportunity to test out all those flower tutorials that I had seen online!  Plus, the fact that I have two boys and never get to buy fun girly things made this project even more fun.


** img_0612ps.jpg **


I must say, I went a little overboard, but did I mention that I have the some very special little girls in my life, too, that I love making things for.  So, Sarah, shield your eyes unless you want to know what Bea will be getting from us for Christmas…wait, what am I thinking???  I know you are going to look.

I followed the tutorial that the amazingly talented Emily posted here and here.  It was honestly so easy and so cheap, too!  I think for all the clips, fabric, beads, and ribbon, I spent less than $15.  And I am so excited to drop these off at Rainbow House for all the little girls.


** dsc00969ps.jpg **



** dsc00921ps.jpg **


And of course, I just had to test them out and I knew Oliver wouldn’t mind…


** dsc00946ps.jpg?w=300 **

** dsc00954ps.jpg?w=300 **


Isn’t the clip so cute???  Sorry for the blurry & grainy pics.  He was dancing to Party Rock Anthem…his favorite.  He constantly walks toddles over to the ipod and points, yells and rocks from foot to foot indicating that he wants to dance.  I would say that we listen to that song probably a good 50 times a day…totally.not.kidding.  It’s either that or Run DMC’s Christmas in Hollis.   That face he is making in the first picture is in fact a smile…he does it all the time and it is so crazy because my parents have pictures of me making the same face.  Here is a photo from my childhood…sorry it’s not super clear-it was in a frame.


** img_0565ps.jpg **


Funny, huh.

I followed the tutorials pretty much exactly except for the fabric flowers, I made my biggest square 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches instead of the 3 x 3.  Here are some other flower tutorials that I am wanting to try.


** hairbows1.jpg **


These would make great stocking stuffers, gifts or really they would just be fun to give.  It would even be fun to have a little night in with some girlfriends and make these while sipping on some nice wine!  Holla!  Why yes, I did just said HOLLA!!!  And you know what, just raise the roof while your at it, too?!?  Just so you know I’m laughing so hard right now….aren’t you glad that you are getting to know my humor?