Henry’s Big Boy Room Reveal

I realize this is a slightly overdue…ok it’s insanely overdue.  I’ve been promising to show you Henry’s room for weeks and I am thrilled that the day is finally here for the big reveal.  I think it was all the small finishing details that took the longest to complete.  But, it has all been so worth it.  This little boy is so happy and this momma is as well because the room is so much more functional now.


If you can remember from this post, Henry had a few requests.

  1. Color galore.  I’m not kidding, his list of colors was never ending.
  2. A place for all his toys and books.  Mama liked this bullet point as well. 😉
  3. A spot to color/paint/draw.
  4. Last, but not least, a deer head like Dada’s.  Yes…it’s already started.

With his requests in mind, I got started on the layout of his room.  This room was definitely a challenge in terms of design.  First off, it is a smaller room.  It does have a huge window that practically takes up a whole wall, which, on one hand, is so nice, but it also can be a little difficult when trying to account for furniture arrangement.  The hardest part about his room is all the doors.  There are 4 (two of which are closet doors).  The doorway into the room is set on an angle which leaves only one blank wall.  On the positive side, he does have a decent size closet.  I could go on and on, but enough babbling, right?  You ready to see the befores?  Don’t laugh…these were taken with my phone and I didn’t even bother cleaning up or turn off the blinding light.  Prepare yourself for the onslaught of disastrous pics…promise not to think less of me.  Talk about keeping it real.  This is the real deal Holyfield.  


** IMG_2795web.jpg **




** IMG_2797web.jpg **



** IMG_2799web.jpg **


And how it looks now.


** DSC05991psweb.jpg **



** DSC06000psweb.jpg **



** DSC05923psweb.jpg **



** DSC06056psweb.jpg **


Yep, the toys in the before pictures were getting out of control.  We have a “playroom” downstairs, but the problem I have found is that Henry wants to bring his toys upstairs to play in his room or to play near me.  I, personally, like toys to be accessible, but out of site when not in use.  So, the toys all over the room in the picture above about killed me.  My solution:  Wal-Mart bookshelves.


** DSC06078psweb.jpg **

I know Ikea is cheaper, but sadly the closest one is about a 6 hours away.



** DSC06082psweb.jpg **


Now all his books and toys can be displayed in a organized way yet still are within reach.

** DSC06018psweb.jpg **


The bottom three shelves house all the play items for him while the top two shelves that cannot be reached by little hands is where I displayed frames and more decorative items.


** DSC05962psweb.jpg **


Every toy, block, plastic animal, superhero, and train now have a place.  Small animals  are in the black photo boxes, people/characters are in kitchen bins handed down to me from my parents and the blocks are in the open baskets.


** DSC05960psweb.jpg **


So far, Henry has been great about putting items away where they belong and I even found some under the bed organizers that hold his smurfs, games and puzzles.  Now, you are probably wondering where in the world Henry puts his clothes.  Thankfully, during my nesting phase before we had Henry, I insisted on installing a closet system.  I came up with a plan I liked and then we bought all the pieces at Lowe’s.


** DSC06055psweb.jpg **


Sam Sam the handy man put it together while I sat with my hugely pregnant belly, read the directions and gave him lots of what I thought were “helpful tips”.   I’m not sure Sam thought they were as helpful.  😉  Because of my enormous brain that oozes schmartness, Henry’s closet has more than enough room to store all of his wears, kicks and yes, even more toys with plenty of room to spare.


** dsc05925.jpg **


As for a place for Henry to sit and color/draw/paint, I originally found this unbelievable old wood art easel on Craigslist for $30 that I so badlywanted to work in the room.  It has a fabulous industrial feel to it yet, is still warm and full of character evidenced by the splattered paint from previous projects.


** IMG_3348web.jpg **


I placed it in the room to try it out for a few days, but it was just a little too big for the space.   (tear…) But, it’s probably for the better because it also had some nasty sharp corners.   I was so nervous, while testing it out, that someone was going to end up in the ER needing stitches.  I amkeeping it…it’s just going to be in the unfinished part of our basement my craft room.  After this realization, I went back to Craigslist and found a  $25 console table with measurements that make it a perfect desk for two.


** IMG_3771web.jpg **


It needed some updating, but you guys know me.  It came to the right place.  I first painted on a coat of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint™ in Graphite, but it wasn’t quite dark enough.


** dsc05902.jpg **


So for the second coat, I mixed in some black chalkboard paint.  Did I know that you could do that?  No…I just went with it and I’m happy to say it worked.


** dsc05903.jpg **


I have no idea if you can write with chalk on it, but I do not plan to nor will I let the boys even wonder if they can.


** DSC06109psweb.jpg **


That’s all I would need…my kids thinking that they could go around drawing on all our furniture.   I replaced the old brass hardware with some cute owl knobs that I found from Hobby Lobby.  Lastly, I sloppily outlined each drawer with some white chalk paint to give the piece more of a carefree fun vibe as opposed to a serious one.   “Serious furniture”…bet you didn’t know there was such a thing.


** dsc06037ps.jpg **

See what I mean…this desk is totally not stuffy or uptight. 😉



** dsc06058ps.jpg **


And speaking of fun and carefree, how about this cardboard deer head?  I got him from Urban Outfitters and my favorite thing about it is the fact that I do not have to worry about it falling off in the middle of the night and hurting my sweet boy.  Are you catching a theme here that I tend to worry?

We also added some plug in sconces to the bookshelves so if Henry wanted to read books in bed, he could.  They came from Lowe’s and were less than $30.  As for the big orb guy, I made it.


** dsc06087ps.jpg **

If you have been following me, you know that it was made out of garden baskets and cost me $21.



** dsc05377pin.jpg **


If you want to make one for yourself, you can view exactly how I did it by clicking here or on the picture above.   If you are wondering about the wallpaper, you can see more about that here

All of these big items make such a difference in his room, but it truly wouldn’t be the room it is without all the small little ‘Henry’ details…those little details that hold so much meaning and bring back fun memories.  Whether it’s the tiger that shows his love of Mizzou,


** DSC06103psweb.jpg **


the solar system that Henry painted hanging up


** dsc06041ps.jpg **


a picture that has been passed to me from my grandmother


** DSC06093psweb.jpg **


art that was created by Henry,


** DSC06094psweb.jpg **


or just a picture of him looking so happy…those details are what is so dear.  They make this room such a fun place to be.


** DSC06092psweb.jpg **


I absolutely loved creating this room for you, Henry.  Here’s hoping you love it enough to live with it, oh, say until you go to college.  😉  

Source list:

Orb light fixture:   Made it.

Wallpaper:  LAVINIA from Antonina Vella’s Contempo line.  I bought mine from Johnston Paint here in Columbia

Paint color:  Natural Wicker by Benjamin Moore from Johnston Paint

Animal art:  Land of Nod

Bedding: Marshalls

Explore America pillow: Joss & Main

Orange and cream wave pillow: Target

Two multi colored chevron pillows:  Made by me with this fabric


** DSC05803psweb.jpg **


Headboard/Footboard:  Craigslist find.  Painted with Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint™ in Barcelona Orange

Kitchen containers:  Hand me downs from my parents

Black photo boxes that serve as storage for all Henry’s animals:  Michael’s

Baskets:  Hobby Lobby & Target

Splatter artwork:  Made by Henry at Art in the Park here in Columbia

Rug:  found this rug at Rugs USA and bought it when they were having a 75% off sale.

Drapes:  I did not change the drapes.  I believe we had bought them from Linen’s and Things, but they were a little short.


** dsc05907.jpg **


I knew when I found this bedskirt


** IMG_3098web.jpg **


from one of my many Goodwill shopping trips that I could easily extend them to the floor.


** dsc05918.jpg **


Hanging wire file:  Marshalls

Bookshelves:  Wal-Mart

Desk:  Craigslist find

Industrial stools:  I bought at a flea market/thrift store

Globe:  Michael’s dollar section

Deerhead:  Urban Outfitters

Wall sconces (mounted to bookshelves):  Lowe’s

Solar System:  Henry painted this DIY kit from Hobby Lobby


** img_2756.jpg **


Letters:  I had the “H” and picked up the other ones from Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, and Target

Desk pharmacy lamp:  Wal-Mart

Metal grated boxes:  Hobby Lobby

Horse picture:  Passed to me from my grandmother



** EmilyAClark-button_thumb.png **