Friday Feature: Do or Don’t

Here it is another Friday!?!?  I have been a bit absent lately…if you all follow me on Instagram, then you know why.   Thank you for all your kind thoughts, comments, well wishes and prayers.  I cannot tell you how much it truly means to me and my family.  I am hoping that we will be back in the swing of things just in time for the holidays…I have really been itching to pull out the tree and jump right in as I know many of you have!  But, before I start posting all the holiday happenings, I want to talk about our Friday Feature today which is patterned sofas.  Are you down with the pattern or do you tend to stick with the neutral side of things?  Here it is…


** patternedsofa-e1392512553475.jpg **



** Patterned-sofa-Samantha-Knapp.jpg **




** patterned-sofa-black-white-tree.jpg **


via Design Crisis


** patterned-sofa-vintage.jpg **


Melanie Acevedo


** patterned-sofa-striped.jpg **


India Hicks


** patterned-sofa-pink-floral.jpg **


House Beautiful


** patterned-sofa-kristenbuckingham.jpg **


Kristen Buckingham


** patterned-sofa-ikat.jpg **


John Robshaw via Jamie Meares


** patterned-sofa-lonny.jpg **


Elizabeth Bauer via Lonny


** patterned-sofa-floral.jpg **




** patterned-sofa-elizabeth-bauer.jpg **


Elizabeth Bauer


** patterned-sofa-house-beautiful.jpg **


House Beautiful


** Printed-Sofa5.jpg **




** patterned-sofa-gray-ikat.jpg **


Dwell Studio


** patterned-sofa-green-white-stripe.jpg **


Coastal Living


** patterned-sofa-blue-stripes.jpg **


Jamie Drake


** patterned-sofa-geometric.jpg **




** patterned-sofa-black-white.jpg **


Real Simple


** quadrillepatternedfabric-sofa-e1392512742522.png **


A sofa is a larger investment so I can understand why majority of people tend to go with the neutral…but maybe there are more risk takers out there.  Are you a “bolder is better” type of couch buyer?  Would you consider going with a patterned sofa in your own home?  Let me know your thoughts.  Is this a do for you or a don’t?