For All You Moms Out There!

So how many of you have had an insane week??? Join the crazy club over here…I’m raising both of my hands to that. It’s awesome and exhausting all at the same time. I’ve been up to my eyeballs in kitchen and bath renovations and I cannot wait to share my clients’ spaces and some tips we have learned along the way.  It has been a blast to see these rooms come together and so much fun to be a part of.  On top of all that, we I decided to have a garage sale this weekend.  Yep, what was this mama thinkin???  Not sure what goes on in my brain half the time, but, my hubby…my super smart and incredible husband is kicking me out of the house on Saturday and sending me off for a night away and a day at the spa.  I’m beyond excited and I am not sure I’ll know what to do with myself? 😉

For all you mamas out there and mamas to be, I hope this weekend will be filled with many special reminders of how much you are truly loved and appreciated.   I saw this video tonight and had to share with all of you!  Send it to all your mommy friends and have the most wonderful Mother’s Day!!!  xoxo Jesse