Feeling Blue? La la la la la la

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I could have said feeling smurfy?  Or maybe ELECTRIC?! I swear the whole time I was painting this thing, I kept singing Eddy Grant’s Electric Avenue lyrics, you know…



Unfortunately for me (and Sam) that was the only part of the song I could remember… and, of course, when you sing it you have to use the robot voice.  I will apologize now because it totally gets stuck in your head…sorry.  Throughout the evening that I was painting, I would occasionally hear Sam just start singing the lyrics quickly followed by that Homer Simpson, D’oh, Jesse!!!  It made me laugh…HARD. But what was funnier was that he couldn’t remember any of the other lyrics either! Have no fear, here is the song on youtube with the lyrics if it starts driving you crazy when you cannot remember how the rest of the song goes.  Your welcome 😉


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I got this secretary from a friend of mine and painted it in Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in Greek Blue.  I used ASCP in Old White on the pulls and in the outlines.  I then gave it a thin coat of Annie Sloan’s clear wax, distressed it and followed that with some more clear and dark wax (the dark helped tone down the brightness of the blue).


** dsc00443ps-e1363834011131.jpg **


It’s still bright, but am loving the color…I think it would be perfect for a girl or boy’s room.  Or a mama’s room…hmmmmm


** dsc00450ps-e1363834195110.jpg **


And the best part about this piece?  The fact that the mess can simply be hidden by closing the door…much like a closet.  Gotta love that.  Oh, and I spray painted those little inserts in there white.  Pretty, huh?  They are the perfect sized place to store notecards, stationary, or bills…yes even stupid bills.


** dsc00453ps-e1363834291541.jpg **

I’ll be linking this beauty up at these furniture parties here and here!