DIY Orb Light Fixture

Ok, you win.


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I had planned on waiting to explain how I made the orb light fixture out of these two items


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until I could reveal the whole room to you (like I said here), but after receiving a couple of emails asking how I created this fixture, I decided that I might as well share it now. I cannot have any of you putting off projects on my watch, right? 😉

Do not be intimidated by this project, it is way easier than it looks.  And double high five to the cost…you could probably scrape up enough change in your couch cushions to complete this bad boy.  I spent a total of $21 on it, but I did have the oil rubbed bronze spray paint on hand.  So, you may be looking at closer to $25…watch out.  Want to make one of your own?  Follow along…

Original Inspiration:


** prod690053_f11-1.jpeg **


Yep, I saw this beast in Restoration Hardware and I fell head over heels.  Then I saw the price…$595????  Ha. Ha. hahahahhahahhaha, Restoration Hardware.  Oh, wait…that’s not a joke?  You really have people spending THAT on a light fixture? :/

So, you can imagine my thought process when I saw an old brass kitchen light at our Habitat for Humanity Store for $5 and these beauties at Wally World (aka Wal-Mart) for $8.


** IMG_2390web.jpg **

 It took a second for it to all click and come together, but then I was so excited I wanted to fist pump my brain.


Now, before you go all gangbusters and rush out to purchase an old fixture and 2 garden baskets, there are a few things you need to think about and look for.  I have discovered there are a wide variety of metal garden baskets.  Find a design you like and one that has a large enough diameter to fit the main part of the light fixture.


** IMG_2388web.jpg **

When it comes to finding a light fixture that works, look for something where you can remove the surrounding pieces and still keep the “main part” intact.  This old fixture was perfect because the glass cover was easily removed simply by unscrewing a small bolt.



** IMG_2387blogweb.jpg **

I apologize for the super fantastic not at all blurry picture…wow.  The reason I say this is because I found a ton of fixtures where the top was welded on and if you buy one of those, this project may turn out to be a touch more difficult.  Find a local salvage shop or Habitat for Humanity Restore Shop and you should have plenty to choose from.  Our shop here offers quite a variety that will run you between $5-$20, depending on the size.



** IMG_1313web.jpg **


Then it is only a matter of taking your parts and spray painting them all to the color you want.  I went for a lovely oil rubbed bronze finish.


** IMG_2655web.jpg **


*Side note…chandeliers are extremely easy to spray paint hanging from a tree branch*


** img_2657.jpg **


Once everything is sprayed and dry, you get to put it all together.  On this fixture, I screwed the “top ring piece” back on the top of the light fixture and placed it inside the two garden baskets.


** IMG_3295web.jpg **


I bought these little metal washers to hold the two baskets together


** IMG_3294web.jpg **



** DSC05382clampweb.jpg **


and also used one to attach the ring from the top of the lights to the metal part of the basket.


** IMG_3296web.jpg **


Then I took the chain and the ceiling plate from the old fixture and attached it to the garden basket and the ring at the top of the light.


** IMG_3290web.jpg **



** IMG_3288web.jpg **


After it was cleaned and spray painted of course.  My biggest concern throughout this project was wanting to make sure this light fixture was secure and SAFE.  Better to use more clamps than you might think you need just to be sure it holds.

At this point, give yourself a pat on the back, the fixture is ready to go up.  ***If you are not good with electrical work, call around to have an electrician come to connect it and hang it for you.  A simple job like this would cost somewhere around $50-$65.  You’ve already saved a ton of money so pay the $50 to be safe.  I, however, have Sam Sam the handy man around who does happen to know a thing or two.  So, he got to hang it for free.  😉


** dsc05377.jpg **

I am planning on putting the final touches on Henry’s room this weekend and will hopefully have a room reveal post for you next week!  I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!