Design a Productive Office Space

The world is a-changing in virtually all aspects, including the work world. We’ve gone so far past the typical 9 to 5 workday. Whether you work from home or just want an area to call a home office, it’s nice to have a designated work area in your home. Here are some simple ways to build the perfect home office, and hopefully, increase your productivity in the process.

1. Tailor with the psychology of color

White walls are clean and fresh, but did you know they can hinder your quest for a productive office space? A study by Dr. Nancy Kwallek at the University of Texas discovered that office wall colors really do affect the way you work. Kwallek suggests blue or blue-green walls bolster creativity. Another study by the University of British Columbia found that red walls can stimulate the pulse, raising productivity for the detail oriented, while blue walls promote communication, trust, and imagination.


** Blue-Office-Striped-Wallpaper-Pacific-Peninsula.jpg **


Get the look here:


** gray-white-stripe-wallpaper-e1460146542544.jpeg **


Prairie Wallpaper

2. Set your desk up for success

It’s hard to get anything done when you’re constantly being distracted by your chair rolling over cords, or your monitor being too low (Heads up: your working slump is making you look like Quasimodo). Taking the time to properly set up your workspace will make you more efficient, saving you time in the long run. Try placing your desk in an area with plenty of natural light. As a bonus, add some live plants, which can boost your mood and productivity.


** Desk-Productivity-Infographic-Huffington-Post-e1443131555783.png **



** Plants-Wall-Shelves-e1444767246256.png **


Get the look here:


** casey-wood-etagera-shelves-desk-organization-e1460147336846.jpeg **


Cacey Wood Etagere

3. Remember what you’re working toward

For those inevitable moments where your motivation seems to have taken a time-out,  it’s great to have something in your office to remind you of your goals. We’re a big fan of motivational art prints and mood boards–anything to turn your goals into something tangible, that way you know exactly what you’re working toward. Try hanging pictures or items that inspire you in front of your desk.


** Work-Inspiration-Natalie-Bloom1.jpg **


Keep inspiration in sight with these chic trays:


** square-xoxo-trays-scout-and-nimble-e1460147761962.jpeg **


Square Xoxo Trays

4. Organize like a pro

There’s something intensely satisfying about a well-organized workspace, and though messy desks may encourage a creative mind, you need to be able to find what you need, when you need it. “There’s a place for everything, and everything’s in its place,” is a good mantra to have when it comes to desk organization. If you notice a corner where papers tend to pile up, get a letter-sized tray or adhesive wall pocket to clear that space.


** Eclectic-Home-Office-Claudia-Benvenuto-bvt-designs.png **


Get the look here:


** andover-mirrored-cabinet-scout-and-nimble-e1460147999563.jpeg **


Andover Mirrored Cabinet

5. Find your deep focus playlist

Different types of music affect your productivity in different ways, and a good playlist can make tedious work less painful. Need a pick me up? Try upbeat music and match your pace to the tempo. Overly stressed? Listen to music you know like to lift your mood, allowing you to focus on all of the aspects of the task at hand. According to a 2008 study from Cambridge Sound Management, speech distracts nearly half of office workers, so opt for something wordless if you really need to concentrate. Make sure to wear comfortable headphones. Over-the-ear fits may block out more ambient noise, allowing you to get more work done. Web streaming services such as Spotify or 8tracks allow you to build and search playlists by mood while internet radio services like  Pandora or Apple Radio (embedded in iTunes) will pick apart a chosen song or artist to create a playlist with similar characteristics.


** white-black-office-headphones-e1447820963272.jpg **


Fill your office with art to keep you calm:


** charcoal-sketch-wall-art-e1460148184629.jpeg **


Charcoal Sketch Wall Art

Featured Image: Angie Hranowsky

Image Credits: Pacific PeninsulaHuffington PostOld Brand New, Natalie Bloom via The Design FilesBVT DesignsBright Bold BeautifulStylecaster