Cyber Monday Deal on Loloi Rugs at Scout & Nimble!

Cyber Monday Sale! Forget the deals 25% off deals, the 40% off deals, even the 50% off deals.  We are offering up to 70%, yes you heard me right, 70% off Loloi Rugs HERE until Tuesday, December 2nd!  Don’t miss out on these ridiculously low prices. Loloi goes beyond the norm in the design world. They like to play with patterns and break the rules and the results are gorgeous. See for yourself.  Yep, all of these beauties are included in the sale from our different rooms designer!


** Emily-Henderson-Mid-Century-Modern-Leather-Blue-String-Art.jpg **


via Emily Henderson


** Rue_Magazine_Loloi_Rug_SN-e1416973478926.png **


Adler Ivory via Rue Magazine


** Diningroom_Loloi_Rug-e1416973009186.png **




** DesignLoveFest-Loloi-Rug-SN.jpg **


Sahara Mediterranean via DesignLoveFest via


** Emily-Henderson-+-Curbly_diningroom01.jpg **


Anzio Denim via Emily Henderson


** Adler-Rug-via-The-Handmade-Home.jpg **


Adler Ivory via The Handmade Home


** Grand-Canyon-Collection.jpg **


Grand Canyon Ivory Charcoal via


** Emily-Henderson-+-Curbly_livingroom01.jpg **


Contemporary Luxe in Blue Steel via Emily Henderson


** Grey_Pattern_Loloi_SN-e1416973314702.png **




** Porch_Loloi_Rug_SN-e1416975148813.png **


Weston Aqua via


** ba147ad4-6e92-4be9-9e46-4910e414c26a-e1417408076681.jpg **


Sahara Ivory via Traci Zeller


** 10249385_277212955780754_834247795_n.jpg **


Xavier Grey Gold via

It’s only here for a short while ONLY while supplies last!  Don’t miss out!



** BlackFridayRugSaleInstagram6.jpg **