Confessions of a Start Up // 8.18.14

The past couple of years that I have been working on this blog & site has taught me a lot.  Everyday I uncover a new lesson about life, business, myself, and people in general.  It has exposed many things I did not necessarily want to look at, let alone study…so I thought, why not share what I have learned?

Each week, I will be posting confessions of a start up, which is my perspective of launching a company and all that entails “start up life”.  It is my hope that someone will benefit from my experiences.  I think about how helpful it would have been to have been able to see or read all the ups and downs of someone else’s hike to their dream or their goal, particularly in starting up a company.  

Because the fact is, we have all dreams, right?  Regardless if we are chasing them down or not, they are there whispering or perhaps even shouting to us.  We either follow that gut instinct or ignore it.


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I don’t know the reasoning behind embracing the fear and going balls to the wall versus choosing to remain on the familiar “easy” path and learning to be genuinely happy with it.  I mean our easy path is hard enough at times, right?  But, here is something I do know, as elementary as it seems:  most aspirations/goals/dreams, whatever you want to call them, if you are really stretching yourself, are not easy nor will they come easily.


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It doesn’t matter WHO you are.  Every single person who goes after a goal encounters problems, even if they make it appear effortless.  I know…this is not earth shattering news, here, but I think it does need to be said.  Let me elaborate further…

I think too often, we see someone do something incredible and from the outside looking in, it appears to come so easily.  We see someone run a marathon and we say they are a natural runner.  We see someone’s business explode and we say they have all the right connections and the time it takes to socialize which are things we lack.  We see someone losing weight and we say they have the money to buy the gym membership or diet plan and the time to cook healthy meals because they don’t work a full time job.  We see a fellow parent who seems to juggle everything so well with clearly more on their plate and we wonder what is wrong with us…that we lack that certain trait.

We begin to believe that if things were truly meant to be they would come without difficulty and everything would just fall into place.   When the road to our goal is chock full of problems and we start encountering things that are too hard, too demanding, or too stressful, we assume, because it has taken us to the point where we want to throw in the towel, that our goal isn’t meant to be.  Or worse, we think we aren’t “good enough” to make it happen.  Someone else might be, but clearly not us.


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Think about it…do you know someone else who is trying to accomplish a similar goal to yours and do you believe that their road looks less hazardous and easier than yours?  This is something I still struggle with today and it comes from an insecure place within ourselves.  It is a false perception that will try to wreck your goal.  It will feed that negative voice in your head and make it so loud that you begin to believe the lies it spews.  This thought process goes hand and hand with the comparison game, which is a topic for another day.


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I am here to tell you, the way to your goal/dream is going to be hard.  Like really really hard.  There will be moments where you feel as though you cannot go on.  There will be moments that you will do anything to escape the pressure or the stress.  But, the reward and the things you will learn about yourself will be amazing.  Not always awesome, but you will find the path to you, your true self.  I promise.  You know the saying anything worth having is worth working hard for?  It came about for a reason.  Gather up your determination,  seek out the support you need (you will need it), allow yourself to make mistakes, and know it will be anything but easy.  The good news is…it CAN be accomplished.  YOU can do this.  Maybe your track record isn’t the best, but this time it WILL be different.  You will not fall back into old habits or quit when you hit a hard spot.  You will find your way around it and come out on the other side armed with new knowledge because of it.  The most incredible stories have the most humble beginnings.  Your incredible story is waiting for you.  Go live it.


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Oh and if it’s hard, share it.  You don’t need to make it look effortless.

😉 Jesse

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