Closet Makeover Reveal

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I’m popping in real quick just to share our closet makeover with you.  Today it is just all about the photos (which were tricky lil suckers to get due to no natural light and the size of the closet).  :/  I will be sharing all the nitty gritty details of the makeover next week so be sure to check back. 😉


** closet-makeover-blue-white-pink.jpg **


So, here’s the thing.  Our closet was a disaster…like a complete disaster.  We were losing things (I know that may shock you when you see the before pics) and my jewelry was a nightmare so something had to be done.


** how-to-hang-necklaces.jpg **


For the past several years, I have wanted a boutique style closet.  I wanted it to be pretty & functional.


** closet-makeover-jewelry-storage.jpg **


I mean this is a place I go into every day, right?  It’s how I start my day…and the state that our closet was in made it hard not to grab a random t-shirt and throw on my trusty yoga pants, if you know what I mean…not that there is anything wrong with that.  There are some days that a t-shirt and yoga pant is exactly what you need, but you know that feeling when you are in a really cute store and try on a fashionable outfit and you feel on top of the world. Your chin comes up a notch, shoulders go back, and immediately your confidence goes up…unless you are trying on bathing suits…definitely doesn’t happen to me with bathing suits.


** closet-makeover-blue-pink-white.jpg **


Anyways…that confidence…that feeling…that’s what I was going after.  Because for me, when I take the time to try to look nice, I feel so much better about myself, about my day…just better all the way around.  I figure some will scoff at spending time and money to make a small room that no one else will see look nice, but what can I say…I like to think this sums it up perfectly.


** The-Designer-Says-2-Design-Crush.jpg **



Not to mention, I had to make it more functional for us.


** closet-makeover-bracelet-storage.jpg **


We needed storage and I needed a way to actually see all my jewelry and not have to deal with knotted necklaces everyday.  The time spent wasted searching for an item added up, too. We had many a mornings that went less than fabulously because one of us  I couldn’t find something and would end up ransacking the closet in a fit of irritated rage.  You ever been there?  Totally not the way you want to start a morning.  Not to mention, both of us needed to purge some items that had been hanging around looking sad for far too long.


** closet-makeover-slimline-hangers.jpg **


So you ready to compare the before pics (don’t judge me…) and the afters?


** messy-closet-before-makeover.jpg **


Clearly the before above.  Ummm….yep….we actually lived like this.


** closet-makeover-storage.jpg **


Shield your eyes…it’s another before…


** messy-closet.jpg **


I’m slightly embarrassed.


** closet-makeover-blue-pink-white.jpg **


I don’t think we could shove any more clothes into this before pic.


** closet-makeover-before-picture.jpg **


We couldn’t…see how we started piling them up on the hamper…ya…lovely.


** closet-makeover-blue-mint-pink.jpg **


So, after we took everything out, we chose very carefully what items we wanted to put back in and what ones we wanted to donate.


** closet-makeover-lace-stencil.jpg **


And I am so happy to say that we can now see what we own!  Same goes for my jewelry…it is organized now which was quite a task in itself.  Amazing how you actually start to wear it when you can see what you have.


** closet-makeover-earring-hanger.jpg **


I tried to be practical when it came to displaying my jewelry.  I knew it had to be easy to grab and put away.


** closet-makeover-jewelry-bar.jpg **



** closet-makeover-accessory-storage.jpg **


It’s really all of the little added touches that allow me to truly love this space…seeing my grandmother’s necklace and a elephant scarf that my mom picked out just for me everyday helps me start my day on the right foot, in the right frame of mind.  It reminds me of all that they are to me and it inspires me to go after life.  I understand that this might be a little too deep for some of you who are thinking c’mon it’s a closet…but I have noticed a difference in how I feel and that feeling is carried with me throughout my day because of the simple little thing of having these items out.


** closet-makeover-accessories.jpg **



** closet-makeover-necklace-hanger.jpg **


And of course, I had to put in some fun touches that are purely just for me…to remind me to not take life to seriously and to weeeeerk it and have fun everyday…and yes….the letters needed to be brass.   Not everyone would get this, but it for sure makes me smile.


** faux-brass-letters.jpg **



** stenciled-walls-in-closet.jpg **


Well that covers the space we call our closet.  Check back next week for all the details on this transformation and I’m hoping by then, our master bedroom will finally be ready for a reveal.  Have a great weekend!!! 😉