Bombs away!

For some of you more immature individuals, this title could totally mean something else, but what I am talking about today is something that has been blowing up in blog land.  I guess it was about April when I first read about Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint, not to be confused with chalkboard paint.  Two totally different things, my friends.  Just stay with me here.  I continued to read a little bit more about it and I just knew I HAD to get my little fingers on some.  You see I had just bought this

** dsc07382ps-e1362540692921.jpg **



and I had no clue what to do with it, but I knew I wanted it to look different.  Now, many of you might think that the green was perfect, however, these pictures cannot capture the exact color of green that it was rockin.  

** dsc07387ps-e1362540719435.jpg **



It reminded me a lot of a certain color of something that I would find in my son’s diaper after he had eaten something that didn’t quite agree with him.  Did I just take it a little too far?  Why does this post seem so focused on poop?  No offense if you have something in your house that is this color.  It’s just not for me.  I guess what I wanted to do to this piece was to make it more of my own…and, boy, did I with the COUNTLESS hours that I spent stripping and sanding that thing down!  I think there might have been a few tears in there, too.  I SO wanted to give up at one point and throw in the towel, but who on earth would want it looking like this???


** dsc07392ps-e1362540768925.jpg **


So, I pushed on.  And can you say overwhelmed???  Before I could allow myself to jump in and start removing the old layers of paint (only SEVEN to be exact!), I forced myself to try to pick a color.  Do you know HOW MANY paint colors are out there.  Millions, aisles and aisles of all kind of colors!!!  I would walk into a paint store and walk right back out because my poor little brain could not take it.  So, when I saw Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint and I saw that there was only 24 colors to choose from, I freaked out.  I could DO this!  I could actually make a decision.  After a couple of days, I settled on Duck Egg Blue.  I also ordered a couple of other colors as back up just in case (shhhh…don’t tell Sam.)  Anyway, I will let the pics do the talking.





** dsc09872ps-e1360043117700.jpg **

I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT!!!  (Imagine me saying that while throwing my legs up in the air like that chick on SNL)  Not only does it go on so easily, dry quickly, and not stink up your entire house, but it is absolutely gorgeous after you follow it with wax.  This stuff is AH-mazing…it will adhere to anything even laminate.  Yes, you heard me right, I said LAMINATE.  I will go on in more details about this unbelievable paint in future posts because since doing this piece, I have painted 13 other things.  I have a problem.  Yep, I’m totally aware of it.  I sometimes find myself on Craigslist browsing furniture not for anything I need, but for something that I can freshen up with this paint.  And I may or may not even browse other cities…ooo.k, in my defense, it is always places where I know someone who lives there.  I have connections, people, ok?  So, this is my warning…this stuff is incredibly addicting.  Your garage may become not a place to park your car, but a place to store all of the sad furniture that you rescued & are planning on making beautiful and happy again with some glorious chalk paint.  Instead of living with 29 cats, you are going to maybe be a borderline hoarder, a furniture hoarder, that is.  Sounds pretty glamorous, huh?  And your husbands, loved ones or significant others may give you that “look” (you know the one) when they see another piece of furniture in your garage that you maybe tried to hide in the back under something else.  “But, it was only $10!!!”  Oh, ya, believe me…I know aaaaall the excuses, the lines, the tremendous sense of pride & accomplishment after you have freshened up a piece with paint.  That is what makes you go out and want to buy more.  It’s nuts, but I am not afraid to admit it. I.HEART.CHALKPAINT.  Now, go order some, I don’t want to be the only one…well, wait…of course I am not the only one.  You can see more chalk paint deliciousness herehere and here.  These women are amazing…experts in chalk painting.   Definitely check them out!



** dsc09365ps-e1362540813753.jpg **



** dsc09367ps-e1362540868649.jpg **

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