Boho Style Decorating: How to Get the Look

The Boho style has been gaining in popularity once again in fashion and interiors, although it has always been around since finding its roots primarily in the 70s.  Maybe you’re not totally a fan of detailed lists and rules. Varieties of colors, patterns and designs capture your attention, and you don’t want to be told they don’t belong together. Your style comes together naturally and has a way of flowing, yet boho accents tend to perfectly emphasize everything you envisioned. Boho style decorating speaks to the free-spirit and brings to life a tasteful, personalized vibe that couldn’t be mapped out otherwise. The boho look doesn’t tell you what to do, but it can reveal how to show off your fun energy and self-expression. Our tips below will show you how to get the look.

1. Accessories are a Necessity

Personal belongings and knick-knacks build the spirit in a boho style room. Whether it be old books, a lamp, or that random glass figurine of an elephant you absolutely had to have, it all has a place in this room.

Get the look here:

Singpore Vase

2. (Not so) Dominant Pieces

Couches, tables and shelves typically fill up most of the space in a room, but who’s to say these pieces have to take all of the attention? Many boho-influenced rooms incorporate plain, singular-colored furniture for designs to grow from.

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Layla Club Sofa

3. A Textile Haven

Boho enthusiasts thrive off of decorating with patterns and textures. They seek a variety of shapes and colors, and items like ottomans, pillows, stools and throws can mingle with these attributes and enhance the true vibe of a room. This filled space gives a sense of comfort and ease, and using a variety of rugs, floor pillows and seat cushions can extend the welcome.

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Xavier Taupe/Aqua Rug

4. Blank Canvas

Many boho rooms start with a clean, white wall, letting the mixture of items and designs come to life. White walls are anything but boring- colors layer and build from hanging pictures, mirrors, and more distinct items like tapestries and curtains. Some find a painted ceiling works best as an alternative to painted walls.

Get the look here:

Perkins Pedestal

5. A Heaping Dose of Personality

Decorating Boho style in your home is all about expression. Your personality is unique, and it shines through free-flowing decor and colorful elements that represent your lifestyle. Your home is an extension of yourself, so uncover the quirky details, eccentric accessories and playful textiles. Less is not always more, and your inner boho knows how to show it.

Get the look here:

The Barrett Desk


Featured Image: Thoughts from Alice

Photo Credits: Lulu & Georgia with room by The EverygirlPaige MorseKristen MarieJustina Blakeney (also: images 4 & 8 ), Kris Drayovitch (3) Latoya Burton (9) & Mera Matthews (10) via Design Sponge, Erin MichaelHouseBeautiful

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