Blogging to Better

I’ve decided to create a new li’l series here on Scout & Nimble…Blogging to Better.


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You see, I’m a blogger and when I started this blog it was more or less to capture our family’s little moments in time and to record our crazy life together.  Then I found that, since I always have a few fifty projects going on at once, Scout & Nimble became a good motivator to get those items scratched off my “to do” list and it’s been so much fun sharing them with all of you.  And if it happens that my blog inspires someone else to do something outside their “comfort zone”, to tackle a project that they had stalled out on, or to help them learn something new about themselves, then I would be pleased as punch.  You can now picture me doing a happy dance.

One thing I want people to take away from this blog is to think “outside” of their day to day life and start finding time to do more for themselves.  I believe that it is so important to be passionate about something…to find a hobby, and to make enough time to do the things that you love, the things that fill your cup, the things that make you happy.  I think too many times, people can give and give and never make time for themselves, especially if they have dependents, whether it is children or parents.   I want to inspire people to go out and find what they are passionate about, whether it is sewing, writing, running, whatever!  I know you have heard that when you take care of yourself, you will be able to give so much more to others, which brings me back to Blogging to Better.

Blogging to Better is a new series that I have added to Scout & Nimble.  It will be a place dedicated to help raise awareness on certain issues, to give back to others and encourage & highlight people that are doing the same, as well as many other humanitarian efforts.  I am really passionate about giving to others in ways that don’t necessarily include a ton of money…things that are doable for everyone regardless of income.

I know times are tight for many and I get phone calls all the time asking for donations for organizations that are really wonderful.  Oh, how I wish that I could give to everyone…but we all know that sometimes we just don’t have the means to do that.  So, I want to encourage you just to do that little something extra that doesn’t necessarily involve giving a huge monetary donation.  Whether it is taking the $4 you would spend on your coffee and using it to buys some flowers for a total stranger or for a friend who might be having a rough time.  Not only will you make someone’s day, but it will make your day as well.  Blogging to Better will be a place where you will be encouraged and inspired to create an impact, to make a difference and therefore, we will be changing the world.


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Scout & Nimble’s Clean Water Campaign through charity: water







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Scout & Nimble’s Rainbow House Drive