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The title of this post describes the newest member to our “formal dining room turned office area”.  This room has been such a fun area for me to decorate. It is separated slightly from the rest of the house which has allowed me to step out of my “soft and neutral” comfort zone and take a lil more risk in my color choices & combinations.


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I have an idea of what I want the “finished” room to look like, but knowing the way my mind jumps around, it could end up looking completely different than what I have pictured.  I’m just trying to embrace it all and keeping my fingers crossed that the “risks” I have taken with this room will all be worth it in the end and not look like a mish mash of crazy items.  One can only hope, right?  So, there’s his “before” picture above…see him in the corner.  From far away, he actually doesn’t look too bad, but up close…that fabric was a disaster.

Originally, when I first picked him up for $20 off Craigslist, I was thinking something nice and neutral.  Remember the post where I was obsessing over snow leopard fabric?   Still definitely in my comfort zone, but a bit edgier than some of the other items in my house.  The problem was, I could not find any similar reasonable priced fabric that I liked as much.  Then, while browsing around Calico Corners, I found this fabulous animal print fabric…on sale!?!


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Calico Corners

I was totally in love with it, but have to be honest with you…the first thought that entered my mind was, “no…not you…not in your house!?”  See what I mean about “my own house” comfort zone?  Have you ever seen something and thought I love that, but I couldn’t pull that look off or so and so could so do this, but nooooot me.  Why do we do this to ourselves???  Life’s short…why not live with something you love?   Often times, I notice when reading design magazines, it is those quirky items or that decision to go against the grain that results in the statement piece for the room.  So, I thought about animal print and green paint and how I have always loved the combination.


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Why not put it in our home?  I told that silly ole neutral loving voice that I could have a fun animal print in my house and clicked the “confirm order” button.  Haha!!!…whatcha know about that??? (yes, I quickly realized that I was talking to myself & I’m totally cool with that, too, by the way)

The next thing I knew I was reupholstering my chair and let me tell you the same thing that I said on Instagram.  I will never ever ever ever complain again about how expensive it is to have something reupholstered.  Like ever.  And yes, I did sing that phrase.  I have reupholstered plenty of chair covers before,  ones like these


** picmonkey-collageps-e1363106435253.jpg **



Add a chair back and piping in the mix and  you have entered a whole new ballgame, my friends.  I have a newfound respect for anyone that tackles a chair with a back.  It’s no joke.  After two hours of sewing, cutting fabric, and stapling, my hands were blistered and my back was shot.  And I was only about 1/4 of the way done.

I even went so far to say that I would rather deliver another child than reupholster another chair.  And I was serious.  I told Sam to take all the other furniture waiting in the basement (one being a couch that I thought would be a fun reupholstering project!?!) to Goodwill…that I would NEVER reupholster anything ever again.

I am so over the moon to say after two full days of working on this chair, it is finished.


** DSC_0410ps.jpg **


Oh ya…there are some imperfections and places that might be a lil wonky, but it is D-O-N-E done.  And that makes me incredibly happy.


** DSC_0433ps.jpg **


The funny thing about it is, as I sit here looking at these “after” pictures, I am totally amazed that I actually did it.  The memories of how hard and painful it was are beginning to fade and I think I actually just heard a voice that sounded a lot like me telling my sweet husband to wait on taking the other items to Goodwill…what am I doing?????  


** DSC_0431pss.jpg **


Apparently reupholstering is more similar to giving birth than I thought???  How quickly we forget the pain…


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