A Makeover in Real Time: Project Master Bedroom

** makeover-in-real-time.jpg **


If you haven’t already noticed, we be slow at making changes.  I so wish that we had some super hero power that would allow us to always accomplish huge projects in a weekends time.  It would just save us so much time and then I would always be able to squeeze in a nap, too.  My kind of perfect.  Oh, alright, I suppose if I really was able to pick a super hero power, it might be more useful to wish for some sort of maneuver to prevent any talking back or meltdowns when I say things like

“I realize that the candy staring right at you is captivating with its sweet deliciousness, but, NO, we are not getting any today”

or “ok, your 5 minutes is up…time to go brush your teeth”

or even when I simply place something green and healthy on their dinner plate.

Can you tell I have small children?  Exhibit A & B.


** DSC_0566www.jpg **


Yes, yes, I know…they are too cute to be bad and these are totally the moments I should cherish.  I’ve heard that only a few hundred times before, but I’m telling ya, I will for sure cherish the day when I can stand in the check out line without looking like some sort of disheveled sweating jungle gym.  (fyi…I have a super fabulous sweat machine that kicks on whenever my children misbehave in public…it’s awesome.)  I am not kidding, I wear Clinical Strength MEN’s deodorant…thanks for those genes Mom & Dad!  Super handy…

Anyways…back to the point if you can even remember where this started…sometimes I look around blog land and I am jealous  amazed at what some people can accomplish in a short amount of time.  Need an ego boost?  Well, then read on, my friends, this blog post will be just what the doctor ordered.

To give the newbies here a quick rundown, I had been wanting to make over our master bedroom foreva and instead of BAM! hitting you in your face with before and after pics, I have decided to take you on our journey to a new master bedroom in real time which apparently, for us, equals a long time.  Guess, I will at least have a topic to blog about for the next year.  :/

It has taken me 9 weeks to paint our bedroom white.  9 weeks…63 days…that’s over two months to paint the master bedroom. Despite what you are thinking, it is not a huge area.  It just took a reeeeally long time for me to paint.  So long in fact, that the sweet husband of mine, woke me up one Saturday morning and said he was taking the kids out of the house just so I could finish the painting.  He couldn’t live one more second with it looking like this…


** IMG_5237w.jpg **


I was testing out a hand me down rug from my grandmother in the above pic.  There’s no doubt about it…it is a gorgeous rug…I’m just not sure if it’s right for our space.  More on that later…back to the painting which I am happy to say is D-O-N-E done.  We have 4 white walls!

The 7.5 year old carpet is still an issue, if you can remember from the last ‘Makeover in Real Time’ post.  And the idea of installing new carpet is looking less appetizing due to this lovely article about the most toxic hotspots in your home.  Thanks, MSN Healthy Living.  Right below cigarette smoke???

So this past weekend, I decided to turn my attention to the huge wall behind the television.  I knew I wanted an eclectic gallery wall and I was so excited to be able to use all the art and frames that I have been hoarding forever from Goodwill.  I thought this was going to be an easy Saturday afternoon project and I even left myself some time on Sunday so I could make some “finishing touches”.  Ha.  Silly me.  Here it is Monday, and it still looks like this.


** DSC_0155w1.jpg **


Not “takes 9 weeks to paint a room” bad, but still needs a bit of work.  So that’s where we are currently…hopefully this week, I will be able to print off some photos and get them into the frames.  I’m also really wanting to add a couple Instagram pics from InstaThis.  The lovely ladies at East Coast Creative turned me on to this awesome company.  And then, of course, take some more professional looking pictures of the pictures…oh, & I still have to paint the barn photo frame…notice the blue painter’s tape around the frame?  See, I told you this post would make you feel better about yourself! 😉

I do have a couple of things on the gallery wall that I am so excited to finally have up on our walls.  Meaningful items that no store bought item could ever come close to matching.  The two women pics (it’s like a ‘I spy’ game)…passed down from my grandmother.  And do you see the “NIMBLE” license plate?  Yes…there is a story there and it involves how this blog got it’s name.  Notice the dresser?  I have a post coming this week about that and the incredible paint I used in freshening him up.  Now, if I can just figure out how to drop a big ole hint to my hubby that this wall needs a Lulie Wallace piece.  I’m keeping a 9×12 frame open in hopes that maybe, just maybe, one might sneak it’s way in there.  If you see my husband, feel free to pass along this piece of information.  A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right?  😉