A Makeover in Real Time: Master Bedroom


Progress has officially been made on the Master Bedroom…for those of you following along, I’m sure you are thinking finally!  It is still not finished…not to burst your bubble or anything, but we have definitely taken some huge leaps in the right direction.  I decided almost a year ago to show you all our master bedroom makeover in real time because so many times here in blogland, you will see a “before pic” and then BOOM! you have a insanely stunning, blow your socks off “after pic”.  I thought it would be a nice change to show you all the small changes as they happen, including the mistakes.  However, had I known that it would take me over a year, I may have thought twice about this idea!?  But, it just goes to show that sometimes decorating and styling a room takes time.  Some rooms come together so easily, but this one has been a doozie.

I think I had several months where I just could not make a decision on the style of this room.  As I have said before, I am a huge fan of all styles…have not met one I didn’t like.  So, I kept having this internal struggle between masculine meets feminine eclectic room and glamorous sophisticated room.  I just could not make up my mind.  How did I want to feel when I walked in this room?  After many many many weeks of pondering this decision, I finally decided that I wanted this room to be me…I wanted it to feel like home…and deep down when I would try to imagine it being sleek, soft and glamorous, it felt as though I was pretending to be something I wasn’t.  <this is not to say that I’m not sleek, soft or glamorous…I’d like to think of myself as those things> 😉


So, once I committed to the eclectic side of things, I was able to finally move forward.  I saw this Turkish Kilim and I fell in love.  It was exactly what I was looking for to ground the room.   I got new fabric to sew Euro shams and body pillow (because Sam and I are obsessed with these things) covers.


The biggest change that I made was adding the peach color to the wall behind the bed.  Before it was a white/cream headboard with a white wall and I felt like the headboard needed to pop a bit more.


From the time, I got the buffalo check curtains, I had been wanting to add pink or peach or rose to this room.  Something a bit more feminine to balance out the masculine feel of the curtains.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know awhile ago, I asked your opinion between two wall colors. One was neutral and one was a peachy color…I was leaning towards the peach and after talking to one of my friends who is a color expert, Tusan Tile by Benjamin Moore was chosen.


I wanted it to look textured so I applied it using a faux linen painting technique.  I will show you up close what it looks like and details on how to achieve this look on another post and it’s hard to see in the pictures, but in person it does appear to have texture and even seams.   I still need to decorate and style this wall…and get a new lamp.  Look at how tiny my lamp looks on my nightstand in the picture above.  The scale is just not right.  No fear…I have plans for him and I happened to score two lamps for $2.50 that I think will work out better.


I still have a couple of places to fill in on the gallery wall…I’m just waiting for the right pieces.  Do you see the Nimble license plate?  That was my grandmother’s.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever shared the story behind our name…I will soon.


I’m not in love with the desk as a bedside table at this point, but I’m still trying to decide.  I want to bring in a piece about the same size but in a nice light natural wood.  I feel like I have too many pieces that are painted.  Never thought I would say those words! 😉



So, it is getting there…slowly but surely, we are headed in the right direction!

Newly Added Sources from this post:

Euro Sham Fabric: Premier Prints

Body Pillow Cover Fabric: Premier Prints in Sheet Fabric

Square Accent Pillow: West Elm

Lumbar Accent Pillow: Lacefield Bali Mandarin

Rug: bought on ebay from this dealer