2012 Free Printable Calendar Roundup

Ummm…yes, I realize that it is the end of January.

Yes, I realize that many of you probably already have a 2012 calendar at this point.

And yes, you are more on top of it than I am.

It was my intention to make a photo calendar of the boys like I did last year and even last week, I heard myself telling the Mr. that I would get on it this week because he was needing a desk calendar for his office, too.  I yah yah-ed him thinking no biggie…consider it done.

And then I hit that point.  Ya know that point where you realize that your high expectations for that perfect adorable “fill in the blank here”, is just not going to happen because it requires too much energy.  You picture yourself going through the LOADS of pictures, editing them, uploading them to whatever program you are using, sending them to get printed, or, better yet,  pulling out your own printer only to realize that you are low on ink, therefore you have to jump into your car to head across town to the lovely store and, of course, on this day you would hit every red light and by this time, you are ready to scream and pull your hair out all due to the brilliant lil notion of making your own calendar.  I.just.couldn’t.do.it.

So, I did the next best thing and started searching online for free ones.  And boy, did I find the CUTEST calendars!  I ended up finding so many delicious (as Martyn Lawrence Bullard would say) ones that I just had to share.  So for all  you peeps out there who know what I’m talking bout and still don’t have a 2012 calendar here you go!  I mean aren’t you sick of jotting down random appointments on scrap pieces of paper?  Pick one and hit print. Hopefully, you just recently bought a new ink cartridge for your printer…;)

My absolute favorite is from My Owl Barn.  It was a collaborative project featuring 45 different artists.  I’m telling you, you have to check it out.  You can create your own calendar from your favorites or they have been kind enough to create a pre-made one to download if you are in a hurry (they obviously know people just like me…)

(Just click on the picture to take you to the link)


** http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-nOBG5GG7nfs/Tp5s3L8PnFI/AAAAAAAAEoE/ygxNo8b5qNA/s1600/share-logo-170.jpg **


I mean look at what some of these artists created…

** http://files.myowlbarn.com/stamper/2012/thumb/pic4.jpg **

Caro Celis

** http://files.myowlbarn.com/stamper/2012/thumb/pic23.jpg **

Juliette Crane

** http://files.myowlbarn.com/stamper/2012/thumb/pic13.jpg **

Julia Hartling

A close second would be the free 2012 Calendar download from Skip to my Lou


** http://www.skiptomylou.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/2012-free-printable-calendar.jpg **


And how cute is Anna & Blue’s Paperie free calendar via pizzazzerie?


** http://pizzazzerie.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/calendar-collage-2012-e1325006721114.jpg **


Some other favorites include Creative Mamma’s doodle calendar,

** http://creativemamma.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/2012cal.jpg **

this chevron calendar from Sprik Space


** http://lh6.ggpht.com/-ZfXEW1qm_UY/Tuqod0hwrZI/AAAAAAAATC4/wnyWPm2J7_k/image%252520B%25255B5%25255D.jpg?imgmax=800 **

and this one from Creature Comfort’s is too sweet not to include.  After the month is over, you can either use the design as a notecard or even frame it.

Now, we can all be organized, right?  And never miss another appointment?….I wish.