A 200 year old Kitchen Makeover


We love a good happy ending and that is exactly what this 200 year old kitchen got when Jessica and her family bought the flooded & abandoned home a few years ago.  This kitchen makeover is incredible.


** kitchen-BEFORE1.jpg **


They were able to see past all the blemishes such as sloping floors, plaster walls, and zero closet space and instead fell completely in love with the home’s character and history.


** kitchen-BEFORE21.jpg **


The front windows of her home extend all the way to the floor and according to a local historian, in the 1800’s, windows were installed in this manner to act as doorways because homes were taxed per “literal doorway”.  (We definitely want to see those in the future, Jessica!)  Here are the stunning after shots.




** kitchen-planked-walls.jpg **


We will let Jessica take it from here to tell you in her own words about the makeover process…

The first space we decided to renovate was the kitchen, as it is truly where we live and breathe. Admittedly, we did the initial kitchen renovation on a short time frame and without much thought.  Selecting all cream cabinets and a few interesting details, we kept it simple. A few years later, we finally recognized that this kitchen was far from the style and function for our family of four and the way we live day to day.  After some thought, we eliminated the upper cabinets.  We are not packrats, and many of our upper cabinets actually remained pretty empty, so it was actually an easy decision.


** wood-pizza-boards-in-kitchen.jpg **



** open-shelves-in-kitchen.jpg **



** kitchen-coffee-bar.jpg **


We also discovered that even with a formal dining area, our family and guests congregated in this kitchen 100% of the time.  With that in mind, we opted to eliminate the dining room and create a more centralized table that could seat us, but also expand to 108″ to accommodate my husband’s large Polish-Italian family at a moments notice.  These two, rather dramatic changes streamlined and simplified the heart of our home into a clean, minimalistic, and lived-in space.  It’s truly become our perfect little gathering space or wine bar, depending on who you ask!


Wow…what an incredible job, Jessica!  We love that you weren’t afraid to make some bold decisions and created a home that is not only beautiful, but completely functional for your family, too.  What an amazing makeover and thank you for sharing it with us!

You can see more of Jessica’s gorgeous home here and be sure to see how she and her husband turned an armoire into a fireplace!  We had to do a double take!?

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