#Top5Friday | The Best Apps for Busy Creatives

It can get pretty busy running your own business and I am always looking for ways to improve my organization and creativity. This week, I’m sharing my favorite apps for staying connected, getting organized, and sparking my creativity! 


No. 1 | Slack

When I first started Scout & Nimble, it was just me and my husband Sam. However, as our business and team grew, we needed a way to keep up with everyone! Slack helps me stay in touch with my team and quickly share photos and files. Its group chat features are perfect for discussing projects when we can’t all be present for a meeting.

Slack also helps me to keep all my work conversations in one place so I don’t lose any notes or work-related communication in my text messages. Plus, it has the option to silence messages between certain hours so family time stays family time! 

Download Slack for iOS here! 

Download Slack for Android here! 


No. 2 | Marco Polo 

When I’m on a job site but my team is at the office, Marco Polo is perfect for sharing videos and my immediate thoughts on a project. The best part is that the videos don’t disappear from the feed once they are opened and you can share them with groups or individuals. You can communicate in real time or you can pick up conversations whenever you are available.

I also love to use this app with my family. The videos make me feel more connected to my long-distance family and friends and they have been so much fun to share! Features like voice filters and doodles add and a fun flair.

Download Marco Polo for iOS here! 

Download Marco Polo for Android here!


No. 3 | Later 

Instagram is one of my favorite social platforms because it helps me share the beauty of design. Even though I love sharing on Instagram, I was finding myself spending too much time writing captions and posting and not enough time engaging with people!

Later is a lifesaver because it lets me schedule Instagram posts. Planning ahead of time for campaigns and general content gives me more time to engage with our audience and other accounts, and removes the stress of posting every day! Besides the scheduling features, they also have a content planner than lets me preview our feed before any images are posted.

Download Later for iOS here! 

Download Later for Android here! 


No. 4 | Unfold 

If you love Instagram stories but you don’t have a lot of time or a graphic designer on hand to create them, this app helps you make beautiful content in minutes. With tons of different templates, it makes it so easy to create a polished, cohesive Instagram story your followers will love!

Because you’re not having to focus on creating layouts or consistent looks, you can put more energy into the messaging of your story and the engagement that comes after you share. The base app is free but you can buy different templates, like vintage film frames, based on your style and brand.

Download Unfold for iOS here! 

Download Unfold for iOS here! 


No. 5 | Spotify 

Nothing helps me focus or spark my creativity quite like a good Spotify playlist! Music has been shown to increase your productivity and lift your mood. While it might not be seem like a productivity app, Spotify really helps me get into the flow of my work.

Because music is so necessary to my workflow, I created a playlist just for our followers! It features some of my team’s current favorites as well as a few that I can’t get out of my head! 

Check out the playlist here and share some of your favorite songs or artists in the comments! 

Download Spotify for iOS here!

Download Spotify for Android here!