Work & Play - Kid's Edition | A Space For Play (& Homework!)


A space that is specifically carved out for children doesn’t have to be all bright colors and plastic toys! Soft whites and natural woods create a blank canvas to inspire creativity and imagination.

Anyone with children knows that keeping toys and crafts organized can sometimes seem like an impossible task! It’s even hard for us grown-ups to stay organized. That’s why we made sure that every last crayon, toy and dazzling piece of artwork would have a home in the children’s office and playroom.

The Berkeley Pots are one of our favorite accessories to include in home design because of their rich blue-turquoise hues and the impact they can make. Throw in some fresh greenery, colored pencils, or nothing at all, and you’ll still find your eyes drawn to these impressive and unique storage options.

This space was exclusively designed for our client’s children, so we didn’t want to forget them when adding the finishing touches. On the shelves, you’ll find artwork by none other than the boys who play and study in this office, seamlessly paired with other points of inspiration like vintage sports clips and paint swatch prints.

Wanting to provide the kids with colorful inspiration without cluttering the space with various overwhelming hues, we incorporated sparse yet bright and modern art pieces to bring the room together. The piece we used here features eye-catching miniature skiers swooshing down the slopes. We framed paint guides from old art books to pair the bright colors of the ski jackets and bring the room together from wall-to-wall and even got to use the family’s own art projects to add a touch of personalization and unique familiarity to the space. We hand picked some of our favorite art pieces that would work great in any space designed for kid’s. Shop the collection, here!


We love incorporating unique storage options into our spaces, and what better way to bring a little life and color to a bright, positive space than by utilizing a gorgeous ceramic pot or glass jar for all of your creative storage needs? They’re perfect for keeping all of your markers or pencils in one spot or for adding some lively greenery into a room. Wonderfully versatile and pleasing to the eye, these glass jars and pots are the perfect alternative to a chunky, space-inefficient box.

SHOP THE LOOK|   Berkeley Pots

SHOP THE LOOK| Berkeley Pots


Some of the most eye-catching pieces in this room are the chairs we chose for the desk area. The Esme Chair comes in two colors, and we love how the rustic teak gives off an old-fashioned schoolhouse vibe. Sure to stand the tests of time, many spilled paints and various craft stains (that’ll add character through the years, of course) these chairs provide a simplistic and organic feel to this contemporary space.

One of our favorite pieces in the room was the globe we featured on the shelves. The canvas textured globe pairs perfectly with the paint swatches and vintage sports prints to bring a sense of wanderlust to the space. If you have a more simplistic vision or want to create your own map of the world, you’re in luck - it also comes in a chalkboard version.  

With ample storage, shelves for books and supplies, and plush carpet perfect for play, the children’s office meets the needs of rambunctious, growing boys and parents who love to encourage learning and growth.

The boys aren’t the only ones in the home who need space to work and play! Check out our blog post to see the office and lounge in this beautiful transitional home.