Interior Design Trends of 2019


With the New Year comes fresh new trends. From the reemergence of classic and cherished staples to new, striking ideas, there is a trend to inspire everyone. We can already tell that 2019 will be a beautiful year for design and we are so excited to introduce you to just a handful of our favorite new trends.


Cabinets without hardware have been gaining popularity for a while now, it’s about time they’ve entered the limelight and are receiving all the well-deserved praise. What do we love most about the look of sleek, minimalist cabinetry? (So glad you asked.) It can be integrated into such a wide variety of styles! Whether you’re looking to incorporate the look into a modern space or a more traditional home, the simplicity of this trend speaks volumes to the ‘less-is-more’ ideal that we’re always trying to master.

Not ready to give up knobs & pulls in the kitchen? You can incorporate the same sleek look into other parts of your home by opting for hardwareless sideboards, media consoles, and even desks.

Here Are A Few Of Our Favorites

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Simply said, bold marble makes a statement. The stone exudes luxury and holds the special ability of single-handedly elevating a space when integrated into design. When you think marble, you should think more than simple white backdrop in a bathroom. Marble holds character and can also serve as the perfect balance to warmer, more saturated pieces you may find in the same space. If your goal is to make a statement in 2019, a good way to start is by integrating some marble into your own home.

Images via  JULIA ROBBS  for  CUP OF JO

Images via JULIA ROBBS for CUP OF JO

Via  New York Times  | Photography,  Simon Watson

Via New York Times | Photography, Simon Watson

Even better news? You don’t have to complete a home renovation to bring marble in the door. Make a statement by adding a marble topped kitchen island into the mix or even just a nod to this classic stone by adding in marble accent tables or some of smaller accents for styling open shelves.

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What’s not to love about the french range? Really. They’re all at once romantically elegant, while functionally unparalleled in modern cooking technology. When used in design, the french range effortlessly becomes the centerpiece of any kitchen. And we’re one to bet that making dinner with a french range is sure to inspire some culinary creativity, as well. These timeless pieces also come in a wide range of colors (we’re particularly fond of royal blue) with many sources offering fully-customizable options.


You’re probably seeing tons of great imagery being shared by your favorite designers of stunning kitchens that feature majestic, butcher block kitchen islands. Needless to say, we’re a fan. Can you blame us? Not only do the warm, natural wood topped counters make a statement now, but butcher blocks only get better with time as they develop gorgeous patina with wear. (Not to mention wood has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties). Making use of the butcher block countertops are also a great way to give a space a sense of completion as you can coordinate the counters to complement the stain of your floors and beams.


Not ready to give up all your countertops to butcher block?

Consider adding in a butcher block kitchen island. Luckily, wood mixes well with other countertop materials, including marble. The Bickham Kitchen Island is one of our favorite butcher block products.



Don’t worry, we’re still swooning over white, crisp kitchens, too. But, we are even more excited to see color making its way back into kitchens in a sleek and moody way. Particularly, deep blues, greens and teals are showing their face in the the kitchen, but doing so in a way that still delivers that clean, collected look that you (and the rest of Pinterest) just can’t get enough of. Take a look for yourself.


We’re loving these whimsical rooms and they’re giving us major nostalgia. Beautiful built-in bunks provide ample space on the floor for children to play and including shelves above and between beds provides more storage so that little ones can put their toys away when they’re done. These fresh spaces are perfect for vacation homes because more beds means you can invite more friends. Bunk rooms aren’t just for the kids either! You can make these rooms perfect for guests of any age with sleek sconces, comfortable, neutral linens, and classic paint colors. Be warned: these rooms may cause whimsy, joy, and sweet dreams.

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