Burl Wood Beauty | Bring This Trend Home


What’s raw and rustic, distorted and unusual, imbued with calm energy and born from a fungus? (Okay, we admit. This is all really specific!) If you guessed burl wood, give yourself a hearty pat on the back.

Design:  Jessica Helgerson  | Photo:  Aaron Leitz

Before we dive in, you may be wondering: how does a tree growth so unique and ranging in size turn into a piece of furniture? In short, it’s a tricky business. Burls and their whirling forms usually take decades to grow to a substantial surface area, and even then, they are tough to harvest. Leave it to the pros with hefty equipment to extract them sustainably.  

The raw slabs can be utilized for small pieces such as jewelry boxes or catch-all bowls to large, eye-catching dining tables. A largely mysterious and uncertain element, indeed, but you can be sure of one thing with this type of wood: no two designs are exactly alike. Each piece, no matter big or small, has a flavor all its own.


There’s nothing like owning a statement piece that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. Although Burl wood is a standout all its own, used in larger pieces of furniture, such as dining tables, entries or dressers gives the room an organic touch. Especially fun in modern, cooler rooms to add warmth and texture, we love Burl wood dining tables or kitchen islands with soft swirling textures against natural light.

Make Burl wood the first piece you see when your guests arrive to really amp up the rarity notch. As an entry table, pair it with books and natural textures like cane chairs and jute rugs to set a calm tone.

Burl wood and its varying colors- from lighter to richer shades pairs well with lofty boho and contemporary chic. Hot tip: juxtapose the organic patterns with its siblings from nature, such as hints of plants and flowers in vases, or beads draped in reclaimed wood bowls. Burl wood plays nice with many finishes and patterns and especially up’s the sophistication factor when glossy.  

Design & Photo via  One King’s Lane

Design & Photo via One King’s Lane

Design:  Emily Henderson

With its statement swirls and hearty nature, no wonder burl wood keeps coming back from hibernation. Sought after by furniture makers, designers and interior design enthusiasts the world over, they are nature’s diamonds. Get ready to weave these natural hidden treasures all over your favorite spaces. Shop some of our burl favorites, here.

Design:  Anna Burke  | Photography:  Brittany Ambridge

Design: Anna Burke | Photography: Brittany Ambridge