A Wedge of Clay Goes a Long Way | Our Favorite Ceramic Pieces for Home


Ceramic pieces are one of our favorite finishing pieces to bring into space! With imperfect textures and earthy tones, these pieces contribute to giving any space a collected feel. Read on for our round up of the best ceramic, alabaster and stone vases & planters.

Designer  Anne Sage

Designer Anne Sage

One thing we love the most about ceramics is that they are perfectly imperfect. Don’t let that imperfection frighten you, though! These ceramic pieces are the perfect accessory when you want to add a touch of texture or a more organic, crafted feel to a space.

Designer  Meg Cassidy Creative  | Photographer  Lauren Miller

Designer Meg Cassidy Creative | Photographer Lauren Miller

Designer  J. Kurtz Design  | Photographer  Amy Bartlam

Designer J. Kurtz Design | Photographer Amy Bartlam

While these vases, bowls, and plates have been around for ages, they are finding their way into interior design as one of our favorite trends for the spring and summer and we’ve rounded up some of our favorites just for you!

To make the most of the texture and natural dimples that can occur in pottery, pick an item with a matte finish. Shadows will play on the indents and layers of the piece and create a richer texture.

Choosing a piece with a glossier finish will give your space a more polished feel without losing that handcrafted feel you’re after. A glossy finish also helps to bring out the colors of the piece. We also love to see ceramics with mixed finishes like the Sundial Ceramic Vase.

We love a pop of color and the often muted tones of pottery make the perfect accent. Color match your favorite accent pillow to a piece of pottery or make a statement in a neutrally-toned room. Moe’s Home has tons of color blocked vases, like the Tip Top Vases in Small and Large, that blend perfectly into any space.

This trend isn’t limited to just vases and tableware! Light up your space with a pottery inspired lamp! Shop some of our favorites like the Uttermost Delane Dark Teal Table Lamp from our Flat Branch Project. The rich color and rippled texture had a playful touch to this console table.

Did you find a vase or bowl you love but you’re unsure how to style it? Check out our greenery blog post to learn about styling fresh greens in your new favorite home accent!