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Our latest featured Room Designer knows how to pair masculine moody interiors with high glamour in a way that is visually striking and perfectly chic. Ryan of Ryan Saghian Interiors has an architectural interior design firm in Beverly Hills specializing in residential, hospitality, and complex commercial interiors.


We feel so lucky that he has taken time out of his busy schedule and created 4 beautiful rooms for you to bring straight into your home.


This is the reason we wanted to create Scout & Nimble. To allow every person to have the opportunity to have an incredibly talented designer create a room for them.


Ryan brings his architectural eye to every space he designs and his rooms that he designed for Scout & Nimble are no different.  You will find geometric polished pieces that will make a statement in your home.


Get his signature style & look by clicking on the room below or by heading over to Scout & Nimble.

Design by  Ryan Saghian

Design by Ryan Saghian