Meet Taft | Why We Love This Single Bulb Sconce


Trends always make their way back ‘round and we couldn’t be happier with the latest trend in lighting: globe light sconces. These single bare bulb fixtures are effortlessly chic, timeless, and appropriate for almost any style. There are so many reasons to love these playful sconces — read on see why we’re crushing hard on this simple sconce style.

Design by  Georgina Jefferies  | Photo by  Jenah Piwanski

Design by Georgina Jefferies | Photo by Jenah Piwanski

1. Globe Lighting Softens a Space

Modern spaces can sometimes seem cold and uninviting. Cool tones are warmed by the glow of this light while hard lines are softened thanks to its rounded features. Opting for a globe light with antique brass accents will also help to build warmth in a modern space.

2. They Bring Some Vanity to Your Vanity

Forget the standard over-the-mirror lighting and opt for two globe lights on either side of your vanity. The central placement will help highlight your beautiful features and bring a trendy flair to your space. A row of globe lights on either side of the mirror creates a glamorous, old Hollywood feel.

3. Industrial Style Has Never Looked So Polished

They say two is better than one. How about three? Or five? Or seven? If you love industrial accents, globe lighting fixtures with multiple bulbs in an old bronze finish is the perfect answer to the question: How can I achieve a more polished, yet industrial look? With few frills, a fixture with multiple bulbs will be the perfect accent to your space. 

4. Globe Lighting Highlights Your Favorite Features

What’s simpler than a single bulb? If you want to let the rest of your space shine, use a globe light to highlight your favorite features of your space. These simple fixtures can be subtle while drawing the eye to a beautiful piece of art.

5. They’re Small on Size, Big on Impact

Have we mentioned just how perfectly simple a globe light can be? With 360 degrees of lighting provided by one bulb, less is truly more with this effortless rounded fixture. 

6. Globe Lights are Undeniably Cute

The round, frosted features of a globe light bring a feminine touch to any room. These fixtures feel light, airy, and playful in any environment. From a child’s room to glamorous cafes, incorporating globe lighting is guaranteed to look good.

Design by  Claire Thomas  | Photo by  Laure Joliet

Design by Claire Thomas | Photo by Laure Joliet

Design by  Elizabeth Roberts  | Photo by  Sarah Elliott

Design by Elizabeth Roberts | Photo by Sarah Elliott

Ok, if you make it to here, you’re probably looking for more bare bulb greatness. Well, there’s someone we’d like you to meet…

Meet Taft.

A clean-lined, smooth update on a classic vanity fixture. LED technology ensures long-lasting light in accordance with the latest energy efficiency standards. Taft is available in a wide range, from one light to eleven. Whether you fancy one light or 11, each sconce is available in aged brass, old bronze, polished chrome, and polished nickel.

Taft 1 Light Wall Sconce