What’s catching my eye: Big ole Florals Baby

Can I just tell you what I have been drooling over lately?  Ok…good point…that was a dumb question since the answer was in my title.  Let’s say it out loud together….ready?  BIG OLE FLORALS BABY!  980012_011_b



Not the softer floral patterns you see today…noooo sir…I’m talking about the KAPOW! hit you in your face floral fabric that you picture on the curtains in your grandmother’s house.  You know, the barkcloth ones from the 40’s & 50’s.  You guys, I have been crazily searching for vintage floral fabric on ebay and stalking the items that I’ve put on my “watch list”.  And I’ve never been a big ebay-er before this!?!  Today, when I saw the notification that 7 others were also watching one of mmmy picks…it about sent me over the edge.  All I could think about was that darn floral fabric and how it had.to.be.mine.  It’s totally and utterly nuts…my behavior ,that is.  I don’t know if it makes a difference or not, but we were snowed in today…so I am blaming it on the fact that I was craving Spring while watching 10 inches of snow and ice accumulate in my backyard.  But, seriously, aren’t these bold floral patterns so lovely?


World Market


Rugs USA

It’s a weird thing because this design is so not my style, but at the same time it SO is.  See what I mean?!?…I’ve officially gone off the deep end.



I love that it can be added to a room and suddenly makes you feel like it’s the only interesting thing in it.  It’s like the design was made to technically be formal, but it contains a certain playfulness that to me says “I don’t take myself too seriously”.


via Sadie & Stella

Some of the prints and patterns are odd, but that’s kind of why I love them.  They’re unexpected.  What do you think?  Am I totally off my rocker or do you find yourself wanting to add a lil something floral to your home?  I searched around and found so many items that will allow you to join this floral roller coaster ride with me.


Top Row: World Market  Cath Kidston Bottom Row: PiP Studio  West Elm



And if you are not quite ready to add it to your decor, check these out.




I think even a small pillow in this style can make a big impact and won’t turn your house into an English garden or, your grandmother’s den, for that matter.


World Market

I plan on adding a little pop of THIS to our home in the near future.


House Home Flowers via Ebay

7 other people were “watching” her, and with a simple click of a “buy it now” button, she is all mine for $12.99.  Oh ya baby…I won today…I won today.