What is Dekton & Neolith? A Quick Guide

Everybody wants to have the gorgeous look of marble in their homes, but not everyone wants to deal with the maintenance and staining that comes along with it. We’ve found some great alternatives… and the best part? These countertops do NOT scratch or stain, and they’re heat resistant! Hard to believe right? I bet you’re wondering what these magical countertops are; our new favorite alternatives to marble: Dekton & Neolith!

See for yourself!


Dekton by Consentino is almost identical to Neolith in both look and durability, however, Dekton is more readily available in our area and across the United States. You can even find it at The Home Depot. As I said before, this material is heat resistant up to very high temperatures and it doesn’t stain or scratch. It’s UV resistant so it won’t fade, and it is more resistant to abrasion than Granite. Dekton is non-porous, so it never needs to be sealed which makes maintenance easy. It’s also very easy to clean, all you need is a little soap and water.

We did find that Dekton had cracked in the consumer reports when a weight was dropped on it, however, Consentino stated that the consumer report could not be verified since the product was not installed to their standards.

Dekton countertop and backsplash | Green Remodeling

Dekton fireplace wall | Premier Countertops

Dekton on kitchen island | Green Remodeling

Although Dekton is our main focus in this post, we also wanted to mention a countertop that is not as readily available as Dekton, but is just as gorgeous and durable: Neolith.


Neolith is a gorgeous compact surface that is 100% eco-friendly, heat resistant to very high temperatures, stain resistant and easy to clean and maintain. It comes in many colors, but our favorites are the ones that resemble marble. So pretty! Neolith started in Europe, but it has now made it’s way to the United States and can be found on the East Coast and the West Coast.

Neolith kitchen island | HG Stones

Neolith in kitchen | HG Stones

Neolith Countertop in Bathroom | HG Stones

Both Neolith and Dekton are great options for the kitchen or bathroom and are an even better option for the outdoors. How great would it be to have the look of marble outside??

Would you consider using Neolith or Dekton in your home?



Feature Image: Green Remodeling

Photo credits: (1,3) Green Remodeling, (2) Premier Countertops, (4-6) HG Stones

Infographic: Scout & Nimble