Tweet Tweet

I’ve got birds on the brain, you guys.  We live in Missouri so, of course, we are Cardinals fans…and who wouldn’t have birds on the brain after their win the other night.  But, I have been thinking of birds lately for an entirely different reason…you guys…I finally joined the Twitter universe.  !?!?  And as it turns out…I have no clue what I am doing!  I know nothing of Twitter etiquette or what all the symbols even mean.   It’s totally awesome.  <not really>.  I just joined Facebook less than 2 years ago so you can say that I am slightly behind the times and all this craziness with retweeting, requoting, and favoriting (you see now I’m just making up words) it is just over this gal’s head.  Wanna see me make all kinds of mistakes?  Follow me!  I am sure I will give you some laughs.  But, honestly, it would be awesome to hear your pet peeves about Twitter or any advice or tips that you want to pass onto me.  In exchange, I will provide you with some pretty bird inspiration.  Deal?  Find me on Twitter!  <because if it isn’t clear in the above…I might not know how to find you>  and I want to follow you…not in a creepy way, but in a hi, whatcha doin? kind of way.  Still creepy?  Hmmm…not sure what to say…hey check out these birds!





Don’t forget…find me and pass along your biggest pet peeve (I will make sure I don’t do it) and your best tip!  You guys are the best! Thanks for helping this twitter illiterate out!