Tuesday Thrifting

Oh ok…so I didn’t go thrifting today…I am actually sitting home with a sick little one (croup = no fun), but I did go thrifting this past weekend and I thought today it might be fun to share some of the items I picked up and a few others that caught my eye.  I am working on a bedroom and den makeover for a fabulous eclectic guy and found some great items for his house.


If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen this already, but what you didn’t see was the other steal that I found for his place.


Please forgive the horrible pictures, I think I was shaking from excitement because this beauty was less than $200 and was exactly what I was looking for.   It is in great condition, too!  I am so torn on whether to get this reupholstered or not…the fabric on it actually works really well for his place and lifestyle with two dark puppy dogs, not to mention that it totally has that mid century feel and great texture, but I know it would look so fierce in something a bit more modern.  Decisions, decisions.  This will be going in the den and could easily work as a guest bed for company.

This next pic would have been perfect for his place, IF it hadn’t been in nursery colors!?!


I am so bummed about this piece…I sat there and stared at it for 10 minutes wracking my brain on how I would get those feathers and accents in the headdress to be a bit bolder.  And I couldn’t think of anything!  It would have been perfect if it were mustard, navy and crimson.  The pastels are just not right.  If any of you are smarter than me and figure out how I can change it, hook me up! I will love you forever.


I loved this metal wall bin. I left without it, but now I’m seriously second guessing myself.  I think it would be perfect for my craft area or maybe a playroom.  I was tempted to buy it for the den for my client to hold succulents and herbs.  Talk about a pretty visual for a room.


This is an old mill dispenser from the 1930’s.  Wouldn’t it be great to hold flowers or even just as a decorative accent on a mantle?


I mean this old square retro fan (which still works) doesn’t even require explanation.  It was so fun and another almost purchase for my client.


I passed up so much art, too.  I just really loved this piece…isn’t it striking?


They had two of these and, man oh man, would this not be great in a nursery or playroom?  I was so tempted to buy them for the next child project that I take on.   I just want to design a whole space off of the print.


I love looking for things that have character and this floral print and frame were full of it.  The detail and all the little cracks within the frame screamed unique and there is just something so lovely about the floral print.


I had so many ideas for this piece of metal.  It is a tobacco press, but wouldn’t it make great coasters or even wall art?  The possibilities are endless…wrap it around a vase, add it to a piece of wood and use it as a trivet, frame it and use it as magnet board, anything…


And I always find things for the kitchen when I go thrifting.  If it’s green glass, it usually speaks to me, but this time it was these polka dotted glasses that caught my eye and this silverware…I mean, it’s so perfectly rustic and gorgeous.


So, what do you all think?  Did  I make a mistake by leaving any of this behind?  After looking at some of these items for a second time, I think if I didn’t have a sick little boy home with me, I would be in my car racing back to this flea market. 😉