Toolbox Essentials: 15 Must Have Tools for Design Lovers

You love making your house a home and spend hours searching for pieces to fill it with your style and personality. But, when it comes time to put those precious pieces up on the wall, you are raising that white flag. No more we say! Having a few toolbox essentials is all you need to finish the job of decorating your home and the result can make you feel powerful. That picture? Hung it yourself. That shelf? Hung it too, along with assembling the bookcase and patching the hole that you may or may not have created when carrying the said bookcase in the house. (definitely not speaking from prior experience…) The toolbox really isn’t all that scary and most tasks, in terms of decorating, can be accomplished with a few toolbox essentials. As a fellow design lover and someone who is constantly changing up my home decor, I’m showing you what you actually need in your toolbox!

The Essential Tools for Hanging Pictures:

A hammer, level, tape measure, spackle and spackle knife (hey, even the best make mistakes), and a small storage container to organize a variety of nails

So the gallery wall of your dreams is finally happening! There are so many fast & creative ways that people have come up with to hang a piece of art, but no matter what Pinterest tells us, all you really need is a tape measure, a level and some simple math. Adhesive hooks are fine, but you know an old-fashioned hammer and nail are sturdier.

Black and White Gallery Wall | Homey Oh My

Pink Accented Gallery Wall | Jelanie Shop Blog

The Essential Tools: Hanging Shelves or Curtains

A stud finder, drill, and screwdrivers

The items you want to display on your perfect shelf all in order, now to make sure they don’t come tumbling down! That level will come in handy again, as will a stud finder, allowing you to anchor your shelf into something more solid than drywall. A drill and selection of screwdrivers (flat head and Phillips, please!) will help you to hang a shelf your parents or loved ones would be proud of! Go ahead, text them a picture in triumph.

Organized Open Kitchen Shelves | Ella Claire Inspired

Bedroom Shelf |Objets Mecaniques

Curtain panels, depending on the fabric, can be heavy as well, so it’s best practice to hang them in similar fashion to how you would hang shelves. Hanging Curtains Design tip: Hang them high, around 2/3 of the distance between the top of the window frame and the ceiling and about 10-12″ on either side of the window. 

Grasscloth Wallpaper with Green Trellis Curtain | Melanie Turner Interiors

The Life-Savers

You never know when you’ll need them, and they can multitask to complete almost any job.

Tapes (painter’s tape, duct tape, electrical tape), a utility knife, super glue, sandpaper and of course, a pencil.

Design Lovers: The Must Have Tools for Your Toolbox



Featured Image: My Life and Kids

Image Credits: Homey Oh My, Anne Bundgaard via Jelanie Shop BlogElla Claire Inspired, and Objets Mecaniques, Melanie Turner Interiors