To paint or not to paint…that is the question

Ok, I need some help.  I have this beautiful piece of furniture that was passed down to me from my grandmother.  It is an antique daybed and it is gooorgeous. Just.plain.gorgeous.  She is quite a looker, I tell ya!  All the little details are beautiful…the cane backing, the swirly, curly q legs with the floral markings, but, let’s be honest, she needs some freshening up.  Not to mention she could use some fresh fabric and new pillows.

antique daybed

Here is a picture of her from the front…sorry the photo is a little grainy.

antique daybed white cushions

My initial thought was to go and get some restorative furniture polish to bring back her shine and I may still stick with that.  However, I started seeing all these painted daybeds popping up out of nowhere and I just cannot get them out of my head.  I have a problem…I dream of painted daybeds.  What???  You think that’s strange!?!?  Ok…it is weird, I know.  But, just look at how puuuurty they are.

via Pinterest


via Ballard Designs
via Ballard Designs
via Ballard Designs
I cannot list the info for this pic because I quickly snapped the pic out of a magazine when I was waiting in line at Lowes…sorry! If you know what it’s from, please let me know. It’s hard to see, but it is a beautiful rich blue color with a slight distressed feel

There is something about the way that the paint and glaze makes all those little details on each of the beds pop.  I want my daybed to be a showstopper…she deserves to steal all of the attention when you walk into our office.  She has a lot of history and truth be told she is just a touch needy.  At this point in time, as beautiful as she is, she doesn’t really get noticed.

Now, I just want to clarify that a.  yes, I dream of painted furniture and sometimes give my furniture personality traits and b. I have a lot of furniture pieces in my house that are not painted.  I do show some restraint.  I do think there is something so lovely about natural wood tones.  They can be stunning all on their own.  So, I know, sometimes it’s best just to leave a piece alone.

So, tell me what you think…paint or no paint???  Help me make a decision…look below and click “leave a comment” and give it to me straight…I promise I can take it.