This World of Ours

I got on here yesterday to post about Compassion and then I heard the news.  With tears streaming down, I did the only thing that I could…I prayed.  I prayed with my heart heavy and broken for all those innocent lives, the families that lost their babies, lost their loved ones, lost their friends.  I prayed and continue to pray that they can find strength to continue on.  I cannot watch the news play this one out.  Everyone has their opinion…gun control, helping the mentally ill, increasing protocols, which is very well what may need to happen.   I don’t know and won’t even begin to suggest to have all the answers.  All I know is that yesterday, I felt that familiar feeling creep back into the forefront of my life.  Fear.  I have struggled with fear for as long as I can remember.  I saw it loud and clear on social media.  Fear creeping in.  People afraid to send their kids to school, to the mall, to a big game.  People questioning why such a heinous act had to happen.  And what kept ringing in my ears was the phrase…

this world is not heaven

I believe that every human being is entitled to their own beliefs, especially religious ones, so if the above phrase does not jive with your beliefs, I’m perfectly ok with you not agreeing with me.  I happen to be a Christian woman.  This phrase has helped me combat my fear on a daily basis.  Fear and I go at it, and many times, multiple times a day.  For me, fear leads to anxiety.  Although, my fear is not debilitating, I can truly relate to those that suffer from agoraphobia, which is a fear to leave a safe place, such as your home, or to be in open crowded public places.  And with horrible things happening like they did yesterday, you can understand why.

I didn’t intend to write in depth on this and I suppose I am putting this out there to my fellow worriers.  Whether you are a mom who now fears to send her child to school, a dad, grandparent or someone with no children.  This world is not heaven.  It is far from perfect.  No matter how prepared you are, terrible things may happen to you, happen around you, happen in your community, your home, or your work.  I struggle with fear of those things on a daily basis and I try my best not to allow anyone to see this in me, especially my children.  But, a fear centered life is no way to live.  We have to face that fear head on and allow it be used for good.

To enjoy our short time on this Earth.  

To see the good that is around us.  

To count our blessings.  

To not waste another breath without telling someone you love them, you care for them and you feel blessed to have them in your life.  

To try on a daily basis to make this world a better place.  

To have compassion for others.  

To see something broken in this place we live and attempt to better it.

Let that fear push you to create something good in this sometimes terrible world.  This world that is not heaven.  I still believe we can impact others, make a difference and change this world of ours.  Let’s commit to do more good…

we need it…

our children need it…

this world needs it.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart!  I have overcome the world.”

-John 16:33

***To all of those who lost greatly yesterday, I will continue to lift you up in prayer.  My heart, thoughts and prayers are with you.***