The Little Black Dress: How is it Similar to Your Furniture Pieces?

You look at your little black dress as a go-to, trustworthy outfit. It’s there to put your mind at ease and take away any routine stresses. When it comes to your home and creating a comfortable space, your favorite furniture pieces take on the role of the little black dress. Some match with everything and make decorating easier, while others are there to give you a much-needed comfort boost. Your ‘little black dress’ furniture piece can be anything, but we’ve noticed people value certain kinds more than others. Here’s some of the trends we’ve seen:

3 Must Have Furniture Pieces

1.The Traveling Couch

Your little black dress changes with your style and adapts to countless colors and accessories. Having a simple, single-colored couch gives you the freedom to switch up your decorative routine whenever you want. If you decide to paint over the walls and throw in a new rug, your couch can stay for the journey.


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2.The Bedside Table

The trusty table next to your bed is under-appreciated. Much like the little black dress, this item can take on many last-minute additions. It’s the furniture piece that collects your latest tasks and personal items, and you’d be lost without it. Cell phones, chap stick, cold remedies, or random books often rest here because the extra support is necessary.


3.The Irreplaceable Chair

After a long, stressful day, that faded cushion on the armchair calls your name. Lounge chairs are usually placed in living rooms or bedrooms and give you a place to sit back, relax and clear your mind. The little black dress is a small impact that starts your night off right and doesn’t require much planning or thought, and your cozy seat offers the same clarifying qualities.


We cannot talk about the little black dress without mentioning a go-to accessory that makes the outfit. It’s the perfect bangle or bauble and the cherry on top of the LBD for us, and we think in the home decor world, this translates to the perfect throw or blanket.


Imagine laying back on the sofa and counting the seconds until the season finale of your favorite TV show comes on. What would this experience be without the cozy embrace of your go-to blanket? When you’re cold and want to relax, it’s the first blanket you think of, and you know you can rely on this throw to keep you balanced and comfortable. It reminds us of how the little black dress is always a safe option to ease your mind.


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Your little black dress and favorite furniture pieces change with you, but you grow to love them more. What are some reliable furniture pieces or personal accents that you couldn’t possibly live without?


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Image Sources: Amber Interiors, Priscilla Tan via Design SpongeWayfair, Z Gallerie