The Daybed Makeover Has Begun

Hi there….remember me…haha.  It’s been awhile, I know.  I have had some things come up recently and they’ve required me to use my spare time (what’s that?) to really focus on them.  Some issues with my sweet boy Henry and myself, but no worries, everything will be great and I will explain in the coming weeks.  Just life…ya know…things that force you change your focus and rearrange your priority list.  And no, I am not preggo. 😉

I’ve still been DIY-ing, painting, and project happy.  I have actually finished several items off of my endless “to do” list…I just haven’t had time to sit down and actually write about them.  I feel like every night I crawl into bed just exhausted so I’m sorry the posts have been a little lacking.  I am sure most do not necessarily care, but I have had a few ask about it so I just thought that I would give everyone a head’s up that I am still here…just a bit more sporadic than my former sporadic self.chiang mai dragon pillow + animal print

Most of the projects I’ve finished are in our office (used to be the formal dining room).  I have been sewing up a storm for the daybed in there…bolsters, box cushions with piping, and pillows.  If you want to make some of your own, have no fear…tutorials will be coming soon!   It is amazing to see just what a difference a boxed seat cushion with contrasting piping will make in a room.  Such a simple change can totally change the look of a piece of furniture.  Here is the daybed before, with the old bull nosed cushions.

daybed makeover before picture

Not terrible.  A little dirty, but overall they don’t look awful.  But look at the difference next to the first “piped” cushion I made.

daybed cushion comparison makeover

Big difference, right?  I used the same foam from the previous cushion and stayed with a nice light neutral fabric, which is machine washable.  Verrry important with a 2.5 and 5 year old running around.  I used a washable black velvet fabric for the piping and stuck an invisible zipper in the back for easy removal.  Because the back of the daybed is a wood frame, I decided to do 3 smaller versions of the same pillow for the back to make it extra cozy.

white and black daybed cushions

I had originally thought about painting this daybed, but opted to leave it alone.  This piece was passed down to me from my grandmother.  Every Christmas up until I got married, I sat on this daybed opening presents and enjoying my family.  My father and his brothers remember seeing their dad (my grandfather) out polishing her up with tung oil when she needed it.  There are just some things you cannot paint, you know?  Not many…but there are a few. 😉

daybed with garden stools


I made the bolsters out of the same fabric that I used for the green chair.

animal print bolster


The blue pillows are from Pier 1.  If you have been around here for a bit, you know that my super awesome sweet, generous, and loving parents gifted me with the Chiang Mai Dragon fabric for my birthday last year.  Seriously…best parents ever.  Love you guys.

piped box cushion + bolster The pillow tutorials will be coming soon.  Cross my heart.  If you are new to sewing, these would be great projects to take on…and you will get so excited to go fabric shopping!   I’m telling you, it’s a whole new world of pillow possibilities.  I’m hoping to also show you what’s going on with the other side of this room.  If you follow me on Instagram, (the only social media I truly use!) you already got a sneak peek as to what it is!

painted corkboard